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Talent Management

AMG offers talent management services to creators and influencers who are seeking support in growing their creator businesses. Our managed talent are provided with business opportunities through brand deals and sponsorships, VIP event appearances, arranged collaborations, and access to other growth opportunities.

In addition to the many financial benefits that AMG offers its talent, we also aim to provide resources and support to those under our care. Whether that means providing education or growth tactics, creative support, or a roadmap to scale your content creation business, you’re in good hands.

AMG has demonstrated time and again that it can reduce your stress, provide financial opportunity and stability, negotiate lucrative deals on your behalf, and even help put your business on autopilot. If you’re interested in representation by AMG, please reach out to our team.

  • Brand Deals & Sponsors
  • Financial Stability
  • Negotiation Services
  • Creative Support
  • Business Opportunities