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Shockwave Newsletter 2023w22

Supercell Creator Academy in LA & More!

Creator Academy in L.A. The team has been hard at work behind the scenes with our partners at Supercell & YouTube Gaming to redefine how game developers support their creators. The two-day in-person workshop took place ...
Weekly Respawn 2023w16

Is SEGA Buying Angry Birds? | Weekly Respawn

Sega GetS New Wings SEGA has reportedly agreed to acquire Rovio, the Finnish game developer behind Angry Birds, in a deal worth about $775M. The move is likely part of SEGA's strategy to strengthen their mobile ...
Weekly Respawn 2023w14

Is E3 Gone Forever? | Weekly Respawn

Press F to Pay Respects E3 has canceled its 2023 return, crushing the excitement of many for what could've been gaming's greatest comeback. Once the gaming industry's biggest news showcase, the event has unfortunately struggled to ...
Weekly Respawn 2023w13

PUBGM Just Turned Five! | Weekly Respawn

Birthday of Wonder PUBG Mobile just had its fifth anniversary and they're celebrating by bringing some major presents to its playerbase. An exciting and brand new creative mode was added into the game. To commemorate the ...
Weekly Respawn 2023w12

The Diablo 4 Beta is Here! | Weekly Respawn

The Gates of Diablo Open This week the latest entry in Blizzard's hotly-anticipated Diablo series opens its beta to gamers that missed its early-access period. Players will be welcomed into Fractured Peaks with side quests, world ...
Weekly Respawn 2023w11

CODM Here To Stay! | Weekly Respawn

CODM Unphased Activision has squashed recent reports that stated their mobile flagship title Call Of Duty Mobile would be "phasing out” soon. The rumors hinted that the publisher would be transitioning CODM into COD Warzone Mobile ...