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Client: Mattel163, a NetEase & Mattel Joint Venture

UNO Mobile Wildcard Series All Stars

Mobile gaming giant NetEase and toy manufacturing giant Mattel came together as Mattel163 to take UNO, one of the most renowned card games of all time, to the mobile platform. UNO! Mobile has been quietly gaining steam, amassing millions of players off the back of one of the best party games to ever exist.

Now that UNO! Mobile has become established, Mattel163 sought out AMG as its launch partner for its first major foray into influencer marketing and competitive esports. With a goal of establishing UNO! Mobile as a legitimate mobile tournament offering, we knew it was important to make a big splash for the kick off event. Enter: the UNO! Mobile: Wildcard Series All-Stars tournament! A three-week tournament featuring some of the most influential gaming creators in the world, as well as many notable mobile-specific creators rounding out a star studded lineup.

With Valkyrae, CourageJD, and Sykkuno headlining this epic clash, AMG brought the red-hot Ludwig Ahgren in as a celebrity guest host for the inaugural event. AMG has designed, orchestrated and executed on every piece of this fun-filled campaign, reaching the devices of millions of viewers who are experienced the fun of UNO! Mobile for the very first time.

  • Campaign Design
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Live Production
  • Trophy Design & Procurement
  • Prize Procurement
  • Tournament Organization
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Motion & Graphic Design
  • Social Media Asset Design
  • Talent Management

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