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Client: Trovo

Trovo Streaming Platform Launch

Trovo had a very tall order for us in 2020. They wanted to take on the giants of the live streaming platforms. Launching a new platform is insanely hard. They had the start of a great product, but they needed momentum, community buy-in, and a feeling of opportunity.

Trovo turned to AMG to help provide all three of those ingredients and within 60 days we delivered over 360 live streaming content creators, and 22 esports organizations to their platform. We helped them capture regular streams from hundreds of unique creators, across many of the most popular and sticky gaming titles, and helped launch the first wave of creators that solidified Trovo as a contender against the likes of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and the now defunct Mixer.

Community management and influencer programs are something of an art, and AMG delivered payment information, legal agreements, official program communications, amongst other conversations, while providing Trovo with data on our influencer’s stream hours, and number of streams during their platform’s beta period.

  • Campaign Design
  • Influencer/Creator Program
  • Payment Facilitation
  • Influencer Recruitment
  • Organization Recruitment
  • Consultation & Product Feedback
  • Talent Management

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