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Client: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Battles

AMG partnered with Samsung to put on an incredible community tournament featuring prominent influencers from the battlegrounds of PUBG MOBILE. In addition to familiar faces in the content creators we selected to work with, we also organized a multi-stage tournament with open signups to help surface talented players and personalities who haven’t yet had their opportunity to be discovered.

After a series of creator-run tournaments concluded and winners emerged, we matched each winning duo with two popular PUBG MOBILE creators to form eight menacing squads. Those squads were flown in from around the world to square off at the Samsung Galaxy Battles Finals in Dallas, Texas. AMG sourced the venue, handled all venue-related logistics, was responsible for all travel and hospitality for over 60 players, creators and staff, and ultimately took the reins on producing a memorable broadcast that all stakeholders were proud of.

In addition to planning, organizing, and executing this event, AMG led the marketing efforts as well. First, our team created a bespoke event website to advertise the event and secure registrations. We tracked and published the results of our qualifiers after each creator tournament. For the Samsung Galaxy Battles Finals we secured distribution and promotion through the Twitch homepage carousel, and prominent coverage over the course of weeks from dozens of influential content creators.

After the clean run bringing this project to life, we’re already hearing from our players and stakeholders: “When is the next Galaxy Battles?” We’re looking forward to it!

  • Influencer Recruitment, Negotiation & Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video Editing
  • Event Planning, Coordination & Execution
  • Tournament & League Operations
  • On-Location Set Buildout
  • On-Location Broadcast Operation
  • Tournament Organization
  • Remote Broadcast Operation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Travel & Logistics
  • Live Venue Staffing & Support
  • Reporting & Analytics

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