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Weekly Respawn 2023w13

PUBGM Just Turned Five! | Weekly Respawn

Birthday of Wonder

PUBG Mobile just had its fifth anniversary and they’re celebrating by bringing some major presents to its playerbase. An exciting and brand new creative mode was added into the game. To commemorate the addition, they’re partnering with Samsung for their World of Wonder: Anniversary Jam event tonight at 8PM EST. Some of PUBGM’s biggest creators will battle for their shot to win a share of the $11,000 prize pool. Players can show off their extreme skills by completing the X-Challenge Games, which include climbing, shooting, overfly, and high diving. The Imagiversary Showtime runs from now through April 11th, so drop in and get creative on the battlefield!

Happy birthday PUBGM!


Over 20 years after the original’s release, Valve has officially announced the sequel to Counter-Strike will be coming this summer. Shockingly, fans too eager to wait for its return have brought the franchise’s concurrent-player count to a record high. Whilst CSGO had just broken the previous record in February, an astonishing 1.5M player count record was set last week. This achievement has made CSGO become Steam’s second most concurrently played game ever as a result. When CS2 does arrive, items players have earned in CSGO will carry over. With this, CS2 will undoubtedly be setting Steam records in no time.

Valve is bringing some upgrades to familiar maps for Counter Strike 2

Power Your Phones

New legislation may soon force Google and Apple to allow third-party app stores on their products. In anticipation, Microsoft has been preparing their Xbox brand to continue “Powering Your Dreams” via an Xbox mobile app store. When the Steam Deck launched, they made sure to bring XCloud support early to the platform. They also brought us portable handhelds in partnerships with Razer and Logitech. For Microsoft to continue their mobile conquest, however, they’ll need the Digital Markets Act to open the doors. Should the opportunities present themselves, Xbox might soon become the biggest brand in gaming by this time next year.

Microsoft is preparing to bring us an Xbox mobile app store soon

A Commander’s Sendoff

In some unfortunate news, actor Lance Reddick of Destiny 2, Payday 2, and more, suddenly passed away last week. Many fans that took particular liking to his portrayal of Zavala from the Destiny franchise were hit rather hard. In tribute, thousands of players congregated in the Tower hub to honor him. His widow left a heartwarming response to the tribute on twitter, noting his love for the fans and the franchise. While his presence will be missed, it’s fortunate that he’ll live on through the characters he gave to us.

Actor/Voice-actor Lance Reddick has passed away

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