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Weekly Respawn 2023w12

The Diablo 4 Beta is Here! | Weekly Respawn

The Gates of Diablo Open

This week the latest entry in Blizzard’s hotly-anticipated Diablo series opens its beta to gamers that missed its early-access period. Players will be welcomed into Fractured Peaks with side quests, world events, and dungeons ready to test their mettle. In addition to that, a Community Play Livestream will be hosted by the developers on March 24 at 11AM PDT. Players may also challenge the world boss Ashava as she makes her frightening appearance this Saturday, March 25.

The Live-Action trailer for Diablo 4’s Beta

Perfectly Balanced (As All Metas Should Be)

SecondDinner has shaken the Marvel Snap universe to its core with this week’s patch. The Mad Titan Thanos has had his power slightly reduced, undercutting the buff he’d recently received. Popular cards Mystique, Absorbing Man, and Taskmaster now all require the card they’re copying to be in play to work. Destroy-deck players will also see that Morbius must be at a location and Knull in-hand before their damage will update. Arguably the most exciting change, however, is that any players who have not yet completed Pool-3 will earn 4x tokens and can redeem one free Pool 3 card a month in its own section in the shop.

Check out the newest season of Marvel Snap, Days of Future Past!

Twitch: Turmoil Strikes Again!

It’s never a pleasure to write about sad news, but it seems trouble has come to Twitch’s doorstep yet again. Emmett Shear, their 12-year CEO recently stepped down, and perhaps as a result, their workforce has reduced by 400+ employees. This hits the company especially hard considering they reportedly employed ~1100 staff members prior to the cuts. These changes make Twitch yet another company forced to cut costs in the post-pandemic economy. Here’s hoping those affected by the job cuts will recover soon.

Trouble has hit yet Twitch again

Naughty Dog, New Tricks

While fans are still recovering from The Last of Us’ finale, Naughty Dog has been working on their next title. Last of Us co-creator, Neil Druckmann, has stated that Naughty Dog is aware of the desire for a third installment. However, they still can’t confirm whether the next title they’ve been developing would relate to the franchise at all. It is worth noting that a Last of Us multiplayer game might follow this next release. Still, it remains to be seen just how close Naughty Dog might be to completing work on their next game. Let’s hope a cordyceps-apocalypse won’t happen in the meantime while we wait for The Last of Us 3.

Gamers might have to wait quite a bit before The Last of Us 3 sees the light of day

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