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Weekly Respawn 2023w11

CODM Here To Stay! | Weekly Respawn

CODM Unphased

Activision has squashed recent reports that stated their mobile flagship title Call Of Duty Mobile would be “phasing out” soon. The rumors hinted that the publisher would be transitioning CODM into COD Warzone Mobile over time. While the reports were not entirely unfounded, it’s looking like they originated from a preemptive miscommunication on Microsoft’s part in a statement made to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority about their Activision Blizzard acquisition. In context, it seems Microsoft likely meant CODM would eventually be replaced with a sequel, as is routine in COD.

The trailer for Call of Duty Mobile’s latest season, “Heavy Metal”

Built from the Clash Up

Clash of Clans is reinventing Builder Base with upcoming updates recently shared in a dev blogpost. Versus battles will change from two players simultaneously attacking to something more similar to multiplayer attacks in the Home Village. So now, when you successfully defend an attack, you will earn builder elixir. And for every star you earn in your attack, you’ll earn some builder gold. They’ve also reduced the requirements to obtain O.T.T.O, a sixth builder that can travel from the home base to the builder base.

Will the upcoming Clash of Clans’ Builder Base updates make a positive difference to the gameplay?

Obsessed With A Fantasy

You might think thoroughly knowing every nook and cranny of a video game might prevent you from enjoying it much. Well, the creator of the Final Fantasy series is proving that notion wrong. Series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is reportedly known amongst fellow devs for playing FF14 up to 12hrs a day. In fact, he plays it so much that the FF dev team taunts him for it. Sakaguchi has shared publicly that FF14 is also the only game he’s played for over a year! Could he be doing research before he begins work on what could be his last game before game-development retirement?

Might Hironobu Sakaguchi be preparing for the development of his next game by playing a lot of FF14?

DIY Publishing – Epic Games Edition

Whilst Steam has had major success recently, Epic Games has been preparing to take on the PC-gaming giant. Starting this past Thursday, Epic released tools to allow game devs to self-publish their titles on the Epic Store. They’re hoping these tools and their more-generous revenue split will entice devs to choose their store over Steam’s. Epic’s also shifting their reputation from a good place to release games exclusively to releasing them simultaneously with other stores. Can Epic take on their biggest competitor with a library so small (1% in comparison to Steam)? Epic’s now largely left that power in the hands of game developers.

Will the Epic Games Store’s new self-publishing features bring in more games from developers?

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