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Weekly Respawn 2023w10

Pay to Win the Olympics? | Weekly Respawn

Questionable Apps for Olympic Esports

A strange selection of titles were announced in the inaugural Olympic Esports Series (a global virtual and simulated sports competition). While Esports has gotten popular with many major FPS, MOBA, and RTS titles, Olympic viewers will instead be watching competitors play some very niche apps – such as Tic Tac Bow, Zwift, and Tennis Clash. Although archery, cycling, and tennis (respectively) aren’t concerning inclusions, the titles chosen may bring into question the event’s integrity. Tennis Clash namely, has been called a pay-to-win game in some of its online reviews. Will this controversial lineup of titles negatively affect the already-dwindling viewership of such a historic tradition?

Singapore will be hosting the first Olympic Esports week from June 22-25 this year.

A New Perspective on Fortnite

It looks like a previously leaked First Person mode is finally coming to Fortnite with this upcoming season. Historically, the title had made itself unique amongst its competitors with its 3rd-person building-focused gameplay. However as time has gone on, its developers have appealed to new audiences with new modes like Zero-Build being added. According to popular data miners, they’ll now attempt to entice FPS fans with the inclusion of this long-rumored mode. If the rumors are true, it would certainly make Fortnite an even more attractive one-stop-shop for gamers. Perhaps Epic is taking William S. Burroughs’ quote, “When you stop growing you start dying,” to heart.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will be releasing Friday, March 10.

Snorlax Simulator

Pokémon Sleep has exited a four-year coma with more info on the game being recently shared by Nintendo. The title will be another entry into Nintendo’s growing catalog of health-centered games, which is of course a respectable venture. What’s unfortunate, however, is the lack of real gameplay or rewards, essentially making Pokémon Sleep a glorified sleep tracker. Role-playing gamers will at least be able to enjoy it as a Snorlax simulator in-between sessions of other Pokémon games. Hopefully Nintendo fans won’t sleep on this upcoming mobile app.

Nintendo’s newest trailer for Pokémon Sleep

Good Grief, Godric

According to the lore, Hogwarts’ founders used the sorting hat, a.k.a. Godric’s hat, to arrange students between their appropriate houses. One of those students must’ve had a time-turner handy, as a Hogwarts Legacy player has managed to already beat it four times, once for each house. In addition to that feat, they also were able to obtain every achievement in the game in just 221 hours. While most gamers focus on just imagining life at Hogwarts, it proves there are many ways to enjoy the title.

A reddit user has beaten Hogwarts Legacy as a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw student!

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