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Weekly Respawn 2023w08

Devil May Cry Mobile Coming Soon! | Weekly Respawn

Mobile May Cry

The exciting demon-filled hack-and-slash franchise Devil May Cry is making its way to iOS and Android phones sometime this year. NebulaJoy Games, the game’s developers, will be giving players the option to play as Dante, Virgil, Lady, and Nero. Single player and multiplayer modes will be included, and any interested gamers can sign up for the title’s pre-registration now.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat | Pre-registration trailer

Echoes of Mana Shutting Down

Another mobile title bites the dust, as Square Enix has decided to shut down Echoes of Mana. Anyone curious to check out the title before it sunsets will have to do so by May 15th. Notably, this makes the game’s lifespan just under 13 months. This continues a recent trend in mobile gaming where developers end services for newer titles sooner than some might expect. However, it remains to be seen if any other titles will receive the ax in 2023.

Echoes of Mana | TGS 2021 trailer

Surviving Supercell Titles Make Billions

Though more and more mobile titles are ending support for their services, those remaining seem to be flourishing. This is indeed the case over at Supercell which is reportedly still making billions though it has sunset over 30 titles. Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen admitted that though the developer has had great success, it’s “even harder [to] repeat this success.” Squad Busters, Supercell’s upcoming crossover title, will be their next attempt to repeat that success.

Squad Busters | Closed Beta announcement trailer

Early Diablo IV Beta

Eager Diablo fans might already know about the open beta for the franchise’s fourth chapter coming March 24-26. However, they might not know they’ll have a chance to play the beta a week sooner. Those that pre-order the title will gain exclusive access to an earlier beta between March 17-19. Perhaps most excitingly, available in both betas will be the game’s Prologue and entire first act of the campaign.

Diablo IV | Open Beta announcement cinematic trailer

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