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Weekly Respawn 2023w07

Mobile Gaming Took Over YouTube Esports! | Weekly Respawn

Mobile Takes Over YouTube Esports

Stream Hatchet’s 2022 analysis has been released, and with it comes a new perspective on how we’ve been gaming. Perhaps tied to gamers everywhere returning to the office, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube saw a decline in hours-viewed numbers. However, with that it was found that 80% of esports content viewed on YouTube was centered on mobile games. Is portable entertainment becoming a higher priority for gamers?

Click on the image to view Stream Hatchet’s full report

Elden Ring DLC Coming Soon?

Have Elden Ring dataminers struck gold? Last time the game’s Steam page was updated, players received the free Colosseums DLC. This past week the page was updated once again, causing fans to speculate that new DLC would be arriving soon. While new DLC would be exciting, it’s worth noting that the changes could be alluding to new editions instead. Though this is all speculative, it’d probably be wise for fans to prepare for new Elden Ring content soon.

Elden Ring’s Colosseums Update trailer

Hogwarts Legacy Sets Records

Even in a semi-private early access, it seems Hogwarts Legacy is already, well, leaving quite a legacy. While it’s been making waves in the streaming world, it’s also become WB’s most concurrently-played title on Steam. It’s important to realize that this includes the performance issues and other known problems that’ve been reported. While Portkey Games is working their magic on fixes, it’s good to know Hogwarts still has a place in our hearts.

Hogwarts Legacy launch trailer

The Last of… the Mushroom Kingdom?

Pedro Pascal has made himself a staple of multiple popular franchises of late. Some might even wonder which he has his sights set for next. Surprisingly, despite Illumination’s Super Mario movie nearing release, Pascal’s already provided a glimpse of what his portrayal could’ve looked like. Tell us what you think, does it remind you of anything else he’s starred in recently?

Pedro Pascal in SNL’s Mario Kart Sketch

“Val-ah-ha” Wins Grammy

Video game music has gone underappreciated for decades, but this year’s Grammys saw the introduction of a new category. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla took home the award for “Best Score Soundtrack For Video Games/Interactive Media.” However, the announcer butchered the name in a fashion not unlike the assassinations the franchise is known for.

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