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Marvel Snap - Weekly Respawn

Is Marvel Snap the Hero Mobile Gaming Needs? | Weekly Respawn

Is Marvel Snap the Hero Mobile Gaming Needs?

Since release last year, Marvel Snap’s simple and addictive gameplay has kept mobile gamers hooked. However, its competition has been struggling as of late. Mobile gaming giants like Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile have recently announced their soon-to-be sunset. Would Snap’s players have to worry about an early end too? Luckily, the game’s publisher shared in an interview that they have nothing but bigger plans ahead for the title. Could Marvel Snap’s success be shining a light on the direction the industry should take?

Heroes of Middle-Earth Survives the Mobile Reaper!

EA has announced that their mobile Lord of the Rings (LOTR) title, Heroes of Middle-Earth, is still in development. The publisher, who had recently axed Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, calmed concerns on a recent earnings call. Fortunately, the LOTR title, which was soft-launched last year, is still on track for a full release later this year.

Tomb Raider Bought by…Amazon?!

On a surprising note, the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise were recently bought by Amazon for ~$600M. This would make it the company’s second largest purchase since they bought the television rights to Lord of the Rings. Whether a new Tomb Raider can be expected remains to be seen. However, with The Last of Us’ success, gamers might not be surprised if Amazon ever makes said announcement. 

Gaming Giants Ghosting E3 2023?

Have the three biggest companies in gaming – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – moved on from E3? According to IGN, multiple sources are saying that this is the case. It seems E3’s return to form after four years without a physical show might fall short of initial expectations. Although Microsoft won’t be at the show, they did recently announce a standalone summer showcase will be coming soon.

It looks like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will be no-shows at this year’s E3 expo