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Weekly Respawn Ep10

Mario’s Face is FINALLY Revealed! and more | Weekly Respawn


This week we cover our first look at the Super Mario Bros movie, Overwatch’s final days, and the end of Google Stadia.

Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer

After over a year of teasing, Nintendo has finally released a trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie.

The trailer showcased new looks for Mario, Bowser, Luigi and several other characters but the plot still remains unclear. If the games give us any clues, we can bet there’s probably gonna be some princess rescuing going on.

The film is scheduled to release on April 7th of next year.

Final Farewell to Overwatch

Players savored their final moments in Overwatch as the games servers officially shut down this week. Luckily though, they didn’t have to wait long before the game returned with refreshed servers as its sequel, Overwatch 2.

The game launched October 4th under a new free-to-play model. Servers were so flooded by players that many had to wait hours in a queue just to log in! Later it was discovered that the wait times were caused by a DDoS attack, and the game has since stabilized.

Microsoft To Acquire Activision Blizzard?

Microsoft posted an article online that hinted at a possible acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

The article outlined the benefits of the two gaming giants joining forces in a very positive light. However not everyone was pleased by the pre-mature announcement.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan publicly voiced concerns about the future of Call of Duty’s exclusivity on Playstation. He cited uncertainty about the “quality of a Call of Duty experience” under Microsoft.

Will Microsoft successfully acquire Activision Blizzard?

Google Stadia Shuts Down Early 2023

In a shocking announcement, Google is calling it quits on their cloud-gaming platform Stadia. The company stated publicly that the platform hadn’t “gained the traction they were expecting.”

Though the company’s offering full refunds to Stadia hardware purchasers, the blow has been felt most by its game developers. Many took to twitter to share their disappointment, some stating their Stadia exclusive titles “might go down with the ship.” Google is reportedly working to “make [things] right.”

Google's Stadia platform is officially shutting down.

Dream’s Face Reveal

And finally after years of hiding, Dream, one of the most popular Minecraft creators revealed his face to the world.

The announcement immediately went viral and took over Twitter with trending hashtags like #HESHOT, #HESSOPRETTY, and #PUTTHEMASKBACKON. The simple, yet awkward, video showed him explaining his reasoning behind the reveal and future plans for content going forward.

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