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Weekly Respawn Ep16

Dr Disrespect BANNED from Call of Duty?! and more | Weekly Respawn


This week we cover Dr. Disrepect’s COD ban, World of Warcraft’s new expansion, and a new console being developed for dogs.

Somebody COD a Doctor!

Herschel “Guy” Beahm, otherwise known as Dr Disrespect, has been temporarily banned from Call of Duty.

The Doc, on a recent stream, admitted he’d been playing on a secondary COD account. He stated the ban was caused by his use of vulgar language over proximity chat on his main account.

This wouldn’t be the first time the streamer battled the ban hammer. Earlier this year he was banned from Twitch, with it later growing into a permanent ban.

Beahm shared his displeasure at the timing of the matter, stating that it could potentially keep him from competing in an upcoming $100,000 tournament.

The Doc is known for building his platform on COD content and… well… disrespect (a.k.a. trash talking) towards other players. He’s made his opinion on the matter clear, calling the community moderators out of touch for enacting the ban. It remains to be seen however if the streamer will come out a reformed player after the week-long suspension.

Weekly Respawn Ep16

Ball I Want For Christmas (Is Games)

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, several popular games are bringing Futbol to their players.

Fortnite is celebrating by bringing back their Goalbound set, and Futbol athletes Harry Kane and Marco Reus. Also arriving are the new Top Trophy back bling, the World Class pickaxe, and the Fan Fervor emote.

Minecraft has added their latest DLC titled Soccer Celebration. Purchasers can choose from 32 new skins and practice their digital soccer skills before they compete in a championship game.

Also arriving this Futbol season is FIFA World for Roblox players, which brings new minigames and rewards based on the event.

Popular games are celebrating FIFA 2022!

Cleanup on Isle Dragon

Blizzard’s brought the magic back as World of Warcraft receives its 8th major expansion, titled Dragonflight.

This time players will be venturing into the brand-new continent, the Dragon Isles. Players will be able to enjoy the new Dracthyr Evoker character class, dragon-riding, and eight new dungeons.

The update also raised the maximum level cap from 60 to 70. Surprisingly though, a few dedicated players have already managed to hit 70 within a few of hours.

All the excitement was too much for Blizzard’s servers, however. Several of the initial players experienced severe lag, and in some cases, couldn’t log in at all. Fortunately, after a problematic first two days, game devs have largely solved these issues.

Microsoft Merger Melee

In more Activision Blizzard news, it’s looking like Microsoft may soon face a lawsuit regarding their attempts to acquire the company.

Politico reported that the FTC is “likely” to block the deal, from concerns that Microsoft might become a tech monopoly. Governments everywhere have been focused on limiting the influence of companies like Microsoft, so the suit wouldn’t be a shock.

Fellow gaming giant Sony have given their two cents against the acquisition, arguing that the deal will kill off competition. Microsoft disagreed of course, and it’s oddly led to the two companies supporting their own points by complimenting each other.

It remains to be seen if the FTC will follow through on the decision to make the suit. However, if all goes well, Microsoft is set to complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard by mid 2023.

Will the FTC sue Microsoft for their Activision Blizzard Merger?

Games for a Gamer’s Best Friend

And finally, UK startup Joipaw has announced their plans to develop a gaming console…for dogs?

The founders originally created the device in part to keep their pets occupied while they were away. The remaining inspiration came from a 2017 study that highlighted the cognitive health benefits to canines that’ve played touchscreen games.

While only a prototype, the current model Joipaw has developed has already introduced Whack A Mole to pups successfully. More games are also on the way, and some may even require motion tracking from the dog’s collar.

Although the release date remains unclear, we look forward to a world where canines and humans can eventually game together.

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