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Weekly Respawn Ep15

Are Call of Duty Fans STEALING XP? and more | Weekly Respawn


This week we cover Warzone 2’s release, a dip in the Global Games Market, and Fortnite Chapter 3 finale news!

Twice the Zone, Double the Dew

The warzone rages on as digital soldiers can now storm the frontlines of Call of Duty’s newest entry, Warzone 2.0.

The title sees the addition of the new DMZ mode, a circle-collapse system, and an updated 2v2 Gulag mechanic.

With the new release, the original Warzone has temporarily shut down. On November 28th, it will return as Call of Duty: Caldera.

Mountain Dew cross-promotions have also returned. Gamers can find Double XP codes for Modern Warfare 2 inside of 12 pack cases. However, some over-eager fans on TikTok responded by breaking them open in grocery store aisles. Be sure to be on the lookout for damage before you checkout if you’re wanting your code.

Warzone 2.0 is available now on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Grand Theft Mathers

Famous “rap god” Eminem was almost the star of a Grand Theft Auto movie?

Kirk Ewing, game designer and close friend to Rockstar’s co-founders, recently shared news regarding the project on a podcast. He stated a pitch that would’ve starred the rapper had been prepared, and would’ve had a budget of $5 million. Top Gun’s director Tony Scott was attached to direct as well.

Sam Houser, Rockstar Co-founder, ultimately made the choice to reject the pitch, on a call between he and Ewing. Even nearing the franchise’s 25th anniversary we’ve yet to see any real news of a Grand Theft Auto film since.

Of course, GTA and Eminem have been able to find success without combining forces directly. Fortunately though, music featuring the artist can be found in the GTA Online expansion, The Contract.

Eminem in the style of Grand Theft Auto's cover art

A New Chapter Begins

It’s the end of the Island as we know it, as Epic Games officially announces Fortnite’s Chapter 3 finale, Fracture. The event will take place on December 3rd and marks Chapter 3 as the shortest chapter yet.

To make things even more exciting, info has leaked regarding what players can expect in Chapter 4. According to the leaks, rideable flying animals, motorcycles, and a first-person mode will be added to the game.

We might also see a Mr. Beast skin being added to the shop. A giant Mr. Beast Burger statue was displayed at this year’s FNCS Invitational, hinting at a possible collaboration.

However, if alternate styles for skins is what you hunger for, be sure to complete the current season’s battle pass before its rewards are gone forever.

The Digital Dip

According to a report by game data experts Newzoo, the global games market is expected to decline in revenues this year.

With emphasis that only 2022 would be a corrective year, Newzoo states that despite the decline, the long-term outlook for the games market remains positive. Pre-pandemic predictions were generally more discouraging, but new data has shown that revenues were almost 43 billion dollars higher than originally estimated.

The PC games market is forecast to increase by half a percent, while they see the Mobile games market taking a 6.4% dip. To the surprise of many, VR games revenues, however, are estimated to grow by 26.4%, even with Meta, the biggest name in VR, currently experiencing heavy losses.

Whether in the Metaverse or on other platforms, it’s nice to know that gaming is making a financial comeback.

Newzoo Global Games Market report.


“We heard you like Flight sims, so we put a flight sim in your flight sim,” says Microsoft… at least sort of. Flight Simulator just received a massive content update celebrating its 40th anniversary, and a peculiar hidden easter-egg was discovered.

YouTuber Tom Warren found that for players entering the Diamond DA62 aircraft in cockpit mode, toggling a specific switch into the on position will replace the central cockpit screen with a fully playable mini-versions of the franchise’s first four entries.

If that wasn’t enough, the update also saw the addition of helicopters, gliders, and historical aircraft like the 1903 Wright Flyer.

The title can be played now on PC and Xbox.

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