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Valorant Pro Wins From Hospital Bed!? and more | Weekly Respawn


This week’s exciting topics include Silent Hill franchise news, YouTube updates, Overwatch 2’s Halloween event, the end of Miniclip as we know it, and an exciting Valorant win that took place in a hospital.

Running Up That Silent Hill

Horror franchise Silent Hill is returning after a decade of… well… silence.

During an hour-long presentation, Konami announced two new spinoff games (titled Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill: F) and a PS5-exclusive remake of Silent Hill 2.

A new movie adaptation, Return to Silent Hill, is also in the works, with the director of the original 2006 film returning. Konami also announced an interactive streaming series, Silent Hill: Ascension, has begun development.

Release dates have yet to be set for any of the projects, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

You Can’t Handle This Story

YouTube revealed some changes coming soon to the platform.

A new feature called Handles was added, which will give every channel a unique identifier to distinguish themselves from other creators.

Viewers can also expect some quality of life improvements like a darker Dark Mode, Ambient Mode, and pinch-to-zoom for videos.

In addition to the updates, the Premium Family subscription got a $5 price increase while all the other Premium plans remain the same.

Here Comes The Bride’s Wrath

It’s fright-night in Adlersbrunn with Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event.

Until November 8th, players will be able to confront a host of haunting horrors as they seek to safeguard Eichenwalde in the new co-op mission Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride.

New rewards such as weapon charms and name cards can be obtained, as well as a Werewolf Winston skin that can be earned through Twitch Drops. Be sure to log on before the haunts head out.

Gone in an Adobe Flash

It’s a sad day for nostalgic gamers everywhere, as browser-gaming website MiniClip has all but shut down.

Though the website can still be visited today, MiniClip now only hosts two games, where a plethora once existed. Fans were made aware back in April when the company announced they’d be switching gears to focus more on the mobile games market.

Factors that most-likely led to the closure were the end of Adobe Flash and a struggle to maintain relevance amongst younger audiences.

A screenshot of MiniClip in its former glory. Source:
A screenshot of MiniClip in its former glory. Source:

W in the ER

Last weekend a professional Valorant player successfully won an esports match… from his hospital bed!

Nishil Shah, a college student from Norfolk, Virginia playing for Old Dominion University, who suffers from pancreatitis was hospitalized before an upcoming game. The opposing team, players hailing from West Virginia Wesleyan College, refused to reschedule the tournament. 

However, despite having terrible hospital Wi-Fi, Nishil and his team were still able to win 2-0. Riot Games and other popular Valorant players responded with props and well wishes for Shah.

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