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Weekly Respawn Ep9

CHAOS at Twitch! and more | Weekly Respawn


This week we cover the Supercell world finals, major changes coming to Twitch, and rapper T-Pain coming to Respawn’s defense.

Supercell World Finals Week

Supercell hosted its Clash Royale and Clash of Clans World Finals this week. Both occurring in the same weekend, and with the same million dollar prize pool.

The exciting events were the culmination of many months of stiff competition. Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Italy made up some of the nations attending, with many more also present to compete.

Although, in the end, there could only be one winner per event. The Clash Royale finals champion was Egypt’s Mohamed Light, and Japanese team QW Stephanie won the Clash of Clans finals.

Major Changes for Twitch

Twitch had some ups and downs this week. Amid the threat of creator boycotts, the streaming platform decided to ban slots, roulette and dice games content. The move was positively received by the community, but it was followed by a controversial new policy.

The policy limited the amount of revenue all creators can earn on the platform. Some creators responded by threatening to leave the platform altogether. This change also caused such a stir that top executive, Constance Knight, resigned. In a public statement Twitch cited their cost to operate as a major reason for the change.

Changes coming to Twitch

Sudden Passing of YouTuber, Skylord

Free Fire YouTuber Skylord passed away this week. The Indori creator beloved by his nearly 2M followers across social media, tragically passed in a cycling accident.

His content focused on an entertaining mix of gameplay and industry commentary. The news spurred an outpouring of heartfelt comments on the creators channels ensuring that his legacy would live on. The YouTuber was just 23 years old.

YouTuber Skylord has passed away at the age of 23

T-Pain Defends Apex Devs

Singer/Rapper T-Pain, stood up in defense of Apex Legends developer, Respawn, this week.

Respawn publicly denounced an onslaught from their own player-base, citing a “zero-tolerance policy for threats and harrassment of [their] developers.”

T-Pain in recent years has been more been involved in the gaming and streaming community. He responded to the Respawn harassers in a tweet: “If you’ve become consumed by a game that you feel the need to threaten the people that work hard to make it – y’all have to chill out.”

The first emoticon turns 40

And finally in case you wanted to feel your age creeping up, the worlds first emoticon turned 40 this week.

The classic side-ways smiley and frowny-face were originally used on older forums to indicate if posts were humorous or serious.

Scott E. Fahlman, the god-father of modern emoji’s, wrote an article detailing the origin story of our favorite little icons.

Creator of the first emoticon, Scott Fahlman

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