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UNO! Mobile Wild Card Series and more | Weekly Respawn

AMG’s Weekly Respawn features interesting and humorous gaming news that made headlines the past week.

In this week’s Weekly Respawn, we start with UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All Stars, where 16 well-known creators are battling to win a real gold UNO! card. Also, Activison’s most profitable game, a new cheat code discovered in Super Punch-Out, leaked images from Multiverses files, and finally, two YouTubers created MS Paint in Minecraft.

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars, a one-of-a-kind, high-stakes influencer tournament, began last Friday. The three-week event is hosted by Ludwig Ahgren, known for his YouTube and Twitch presence, while super-star content creators like Valkyrae, CouRage, and many more, compete for a chance to win a golden Uno card!

The UNO! Mobile official YouTube channel will broadcast the events live. All creators who are participating in UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars will also broadcast their live streams via their channels. Set a reminder, so you can catch all the action live here:


Activision’s Mobile Gaming Profits

Activision Blizzard’s mobile gaming offerings increased profits more than its PC and console releases combined. Earnings reports for Q2 2022 showed that the company’s mobile game Candy Crush was more profitable than any of its other games. The publisher’s mobile games have generated $831 million in profit in Q2 2022 alone.

The company earned $332 million on PC and $376 million on combined console sales during the quarter. It made a further $105 million in revenues for the quarter in the “Other” category, which includes revenues from its distribution business and the Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues. However, even if you add that amount to PC and console revenues, it’s still not enough to surpass the mobile revenue total.


30-Year-Old Super Punch-Out Cheat Discovered

A nearly 30-year-old cheat code for Super Punch-Out that unlocks a hidden multiplayer mode was recently discovered. Using a complicated string of inputs in players 1 and 2’s controller ports, the players can eventually control the main character and a selected CPU to duke it out in this never-before-seen two-player mode!

How to unlock the hidden 2-player mode

To access this option, hold the ‘Y’ and ‘R’ buttons on the second player’s controller on the game’s start screen and then press ‘Start’ or the ‘A’ button on the first player’s controller. Select the boxer for player two and have the second player hold down the ‘B’ and ‘Y’ buttons on their controller until the match begins.

It is exciting because no special hardware, accessories, or hacks are required to access the hidden mode. So you should be able to test it yourself if you have a copy of the original game. Otherwise, you can test it out on the Switch Online service as Nintendo Life did.


Rumored Multiversus Battle Pass Feature

Leaked images from the MultiVersus files suggest that players could soon find and request a battle pass partner.



Players with a premium battle pass can share progress with their battle pass partner. Both players will receive quest rewards and XP. It does seem that this has been datamined from an early version of MultiVersus, so it may not end up in the game. Developer Player First Games will have more details to share later, but this adjustment to MultiVersus’ progression may ensure that more people can climb up the 50 tiers.


MS Paint in Minecraft

And finally, YouTubers MattBatWings and Sloimay were given 24 hours to develop a Minecraft project that would wow judges, and they chose to recreate Microsoft Paint. The pair created a complicated red stone contraption that allows people to draw sprites and have them transmitted onto a canvas. The result of the program is something quite remarkable.



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