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BGMI ban in India and more | Weekly Respawn

This week AMG’s Weekly Respawn features interesting and humorous gaming news that made headlines the past week.

First up, we had the release of the long-awaited Clash of Clans’ 10th Anniversary, which was met with tremendous excitement from fans. We also had news about the BGMI ban in India, a Diablo Immortal player who spent $100k on the game, and the launch of TikTok Games. And Valve also announced that it would fulfill all Steam Deck reservations by the end of the year.

Supercell celebrated Clash’s “40th” anniversary by bringing back classic games from the Clash universe that never existed. These games, including Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, are available for a limited time in-game and online. Players can unlock 8-bit skins and sceneries in August and play the fictional Clash games from decades ago! This is also an excellent opportunity to revisit some favorite moments with the current in-game challenges.

The government of India has banned Battlegrounds Mobile India and had it removed from Google and Apple’s app stores. In 2020 when PUBG MOBILE was also banned in India over privacy concerns, the game was relaunched as BGMI by developer Krafton. The Indian government has yet to comment officially.

A Diablo Immortal player who allegedly spent $100,000 to improve their in-game character has discovered that it is lonely at the top. Blizzard, the company behind the popular new online game, recently fixed this player’s Battleground issues. However, after reaching the top of the game’s leaderboards, they realized there was no one to compete against.

TikTok will introduce a new pilot program to allow users to add games to their videos. The games will include games like Tap the Difference by Lotem and Space Destroyer by Nitro and will be powered by HTML5. The new gaming pilot program is part of TikTok’s efforts to create more interactive and engaging content for users.

TikTok is yet to announce the pilot program. A spokesperson for the company said that they are always looking at ways to improve their platform and regularly test new features that bring value to their community. They added that they are constantly working to improve the user experience and ensure their users have the best possible experience.

The Steam Deck is a highly sought-after item that allows gamers to play games on a portable device. Although the Deck is available for purchase for a while now, many gamers faced disappointed because the demand far outstripped supply. Valve has announced that it will finally be able to fulfill all current reservations for the Steam Deck by the end of this year.

Many gamers have waited patiently for their chance to get their hands on a Steam Deck. Supply chain issues caused the delay for the Steam Deck. Valve is happy to release the Steam Deck sooner than expected.


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