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World Health Day & National Burrito Day together!?

World Health Day (WHD) is celebrated every year on 7 April. It marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. Today is also National Burrito Day, celebrated annually on the first Thursday of April.

World Health Day

Each year, a theme is selected to highlight an area of priority for public health concerns in the world. According to WHO, environmental pollution and plastics contaminate our oceans and mountains and are leaking into our food chain. Processed, refined, and unhealthy foods and drinks are causing obesity, risk of cancer, and heart disease while generating a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Air pollution is causing asthma and heart- and lung diseases to skyrocket. Insects, like mosquitoes, are spreading diseases further and faster than ever before in a heating world. Extreme weather events and water scarcity displace people, thereby affecting their health. 

This year, Our Planet, Our Health, focuses on what urgent actions we need to keep everyone and our planet healthy by promoting a trend to create cultures focused on health and wellness. By sharing knowledge and raising awareness among colleagues, friends, and family, we can make a real difference in our health, well-being, and quality of life.

National Burrito Day

And then National Burrito Day also falls on 7 April this year. It celebrates everyone’s appreciation for the popular Mexican dish worldwide.

This brings the following question to mind:

Is A Burrito Healthy?

So, where did burritos come from, and more importantly, are they healthy? The origin is quite unclear, but the general agreement is that burritos came about around the early 20th century. The traditional Mexican burrito tortilla is small and thin, with only one or two fillings like meat, beans, and peppers.

A Google search quickly confirms that fast food or restaurant-bought burritos are not considered healthy. Ironic, since National Burrito Day is on the same day as World Health Day this year, right?

But burritos have changed over time. Today, burritos have many ingredients, fillings, salt, sugar, and sauces in various flavors. They come in many frozen, breakfast, fried, or even deep-fried varieties. These additions can quickly turn today’s popular versions of a single burrito into an unhealthy high-fat 1000 calorie meal. Yet, if you make your burritos at home while using healthy substitute ingredients, like almond/chickpea/coconut flour tortillas instead of the traditional wheat flour tortilla. And limiting it to just a few nutrient-rich fillings, you could cut the calorie and fat intake by more than half.

Best Health Tips for Gamers by Gamers

How Can We Be Healthier?

Repetition forms habit, but creating a sustainable and healthy habit is hard. So, set yourself up for success and start with small, easily achievable goals. Make one small change at a time, and when you are comfortable with it, then try adding another new healthy habit.

16 Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Choose public transport. 
  • Walk or pedal to work at least one day a week. 
  • Take a break, and go for a five-minute walk to clear your mind.
  • Change to a renewable energy provider.
  • Don’t heat your rooms over 21.5C. 
  • Turn off lights when not in a room.
  • Avoid highly processed foods and drinks. 
  • Buy fresh groceries locally. 
  • Plan and prepare most of your meals at home by using healthy fresh ingredients and:
  • Don’t skip meals! Rather have 3-5 smaller meals per day than one huge meal.
  • Drink enough water! Staying hydrated can make you feel happier and healthier.
  • Stand up, stretch or move often. Sitting for long periods is terrible for your posture. Besides, it is an excellent excuse to pour yourself a glass of water.
  • Buy less plastic.
  • ReduceReuseRecycle and Rethink
  • Tobacco is a killer and a polluter. Quit Smoking.
  • Lastly, take time off to have fun, go out, and spend time with friends and family!

Have a Burrito on World Health Day!

The key here, like with everything in life, is moderation. It probably is not healthy for you whenever you can say that you are doing or having “too much” of anything.

It is okay to have a (healthy?) burrito to celebrate World Health Day and National Burrito Day together. Both are only once a year, and often not on the same day. So, give yourself a little slack today.

However, the takeaway is that you start instilling some new healthy habits that are sustainable.

Happy World Health Day!

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