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WesNemo Joins the Aftershock Media Group Family!

Battlefield 2042 Content Creator and YouTuber, WesNemo, Joins the Aftershock Media Group (AMG) Family!

AMG is thrilled to welcome Battlefield 2042 content creator and YouTuber, WesNemo, to our rapidly growing Team of Talents.

Where the journey began

“I was pretty young, but I still remember booting up Super Mario 64. I knew then I was hooked. “ – WesNemo

The journey officially started for him when he got his first Nintendo 64 for Christmas after its launch in 1996. He got Super Mario 64, the first Super Mario game to feature 3D gameplay, and Mario Kart 64, a kart racing video game. He was about three years old at the time, but he was instantly hooked on gaming.

“I started posting gameplay videos on my first channel in late 2008. I love making videos and plan to make some entertaining content for you guys to enjoy!” – WesNemo

Favorite things to do

“The idea of being transported to a different world is so wild, the level of immersion and detail that one can create is surreal.” – Wesnemo

His favorite thing to do is play games. He also likes watching films: the good ones and the bad ones. As a content creator, seeing how other artists’ visions come to life on the big screen is fantastic.

Deserted Island

When asked which creator in the gaming industry he would take with him on a deserted island, he chose MrBeast.

“MrBeast, because he probably owns the Island Poggers.” – WesNemo


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