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RoastSmith Joins the AMG Family!

Apex Legends Mobile Content Creator, YouTuber, and Streamer, RoastSmith, joins the Aftershock Media Group Family!

We are super excited to welcome RoastSmith to the AMG family!

RoastSmith started gaming at an early age, and Final Fantasy 7 initially hooked him on PS1. He always enjoyed the more competitive gaming style in Battle Royale and First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Being a content creator on Youtube gave RoastSmith valuable knowledge of the various social media spaces, video editing, as well as graphic design. Not only does he have over 4.9 million channel views, but he also has several videos exceeding 50k or more views.

Favorite Things

Some of his favorite things to do are gaming, entertainment, gymming, tennis, and football. He entered the world of content creation in mobile gaming on Twitch 5 years ago and has never looked back since then. His major blow-up was in Creative Destruction, a sandbox survival game on mobile. However, he now focuses mainly on Apex Legends Mobile.

“Now alongside my good friend ImOw we are about to take over Apex Legends Mobile!” – Roast Smith

Portable Predators

As co-owner of Portable Predators, RoastSmith and ImOw created a unique organization and also partnered with Trovo to bring the biggest cash prize pool for Apex Legends Mobile. They believe that this organization will eventually change the history of how esports is looked upon by both console and PC players.

RoastSmith is very excited about Apex Legends Mobile and shouted out to his fellow gamers on Twitter recently, saying:

“I hope the Apex Mobile community stays positive for the duration of the game. I see so many legends all vibin (sic) off each other already, so let’s all grow and grind together.”- RoastSmith

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Follow RoastSmith on his socials for the latest Apex Legends Mobile news, tips, tricks, as well as some insane gameplay!

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