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Redvines, Variety Content Creator, Joins AMG!

Variety content creator, Redvines, joins Aftershock Media Group (AMG)’s Team of Influencers!

We’re excited to announce that Variety Creator, Redvines, has joined the AMG family of talent!

Redvines has been gaming since he can remember. His earliest memory was from the fifth grade when he “destroyed kids on Dreamcast at the YMCA.” But he started gaming through competitive games like Halo and Super Smash Bros.

“My older brother would take me to tournaments with him, and I found a passion for it.”- Redvines

When Redvines is not gaming or creating content, his favorite thing to do is bodybuilding. He has been doing it for 11 years and loves it.

When we asked what the one thing no one told him about being a full-time content creator is, Redvines replied: “The one thing about being a full-time content creator is that you will have to dedicate ALL of your time to it. Behind the scenes, you don’t stop working.” And the only superpower he wants is to be able to fly because it is overpowering, in his opinion.

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