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PUBG MOBILE’s Livik Community Cup

PUBG MOBILE’s Livik Community Cup showcased the new Livik update, where players battled it out for a chance of winning their share of a $50,000 prize pool.

PUBG MOBILE launched the official Livik update and hosted a live stream tournament series showcasing the new in-game features and activities. AMG designed, produced, and executed a marketing campaign shaped around the three-day tournament series promoting the Livik update.

In the tournament, gamers battled it out to join teams of popular creators and have a chance to win a share of the $50,000 prize pool. The event featured prominent influencers, hosted by HotJukes,  and cast by Gojj, and Katie, with CouRage joining as a special guest host on the final day of the PUBG MOBILE’s Livik Community Cup.

PUBG MOBILE’s Livik Community Cup

This four-day tournament series showcased PUBG MOBILE players of all skill levels as they battled it out on Livik. After three days of grueling solos on days one and two and then duos on day three. The top 26 players matched up randomly with 26 PUGB MOBILE creators. These 52 players formed 13 four-person squads, who battled it out for the most points on day 4 in 6 matches in the finals.  All for a piece of the $50,000 prize pool.

Team Void walked away with the victory, followed by teams Dream Gaming and Endgame (featuring our very own CEO, Powerbang Gaming!) Congrats to all the winners! We also want to give a massive shoutout to all the teams, participants, and staff who helped us deliver this fantastic event.

Official Livik Update

PUBG MOBILE added loads of new and exciting gameplay features and in-game assets to Livik in the latest update. They made alterations to Midstein and Blomster.  Moreover, they upgraded the Lumber Yard location to the Logistics Center. And on top of this, PUBG MOBILE introduced a new area called Iceborg. A new all-terrain vehicle, the UTV, was also added. The UTV makes moving through the terrain a smoother experience because it is pretty versatile and can help make rotations. Users can now acquire XT weapons added to Supply Shops across Livik by purchasing the special XT upgrade crates.

The new Advanced Supply Zones in Livik will offer high-level resources for players. Players can now go treasure hunting and find crates with much-needed supplies with the new treasure map. They will also be able to play soccer in Blomster on the new soccer pitch. Scoring a goal allows them to earn items by scoring goals. Even though vehicles should stay grounded in normal circumstances, players will now be able to launch them into the air. Get that hard-to-reach loot with the newly added vehicle ramps in-game. And if that isn’t enough, gamers can now also move around the map with zip-lines as well as eat wild berries to restore their energy!