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Perfect Review for Nova Island on

A perfect score across all categories on, Nova Island lets you experience 1v1 card battles like never before.

Nova Island, an online multiplayer collectable card game, scored a very rare, perfect 5 Star – 10/10 – Pocket Gamer Platinum Award. Thereby, naming it as one of the Top 10 best games for 2021 thus far. Read the full perfect review on Nova Island here.

With perfect scores in all categories from graphics to gameplay, it’s a major achievement for all of us here at Thirteen Games. We couldn’t be more proud of our game!” – Nova Island

Nova Island

“Besides the fresh IP, which I think players are going to absolutely love, what I really enjoy about Nova Island is that it’s a game in which you can NOT pay for a competitive advantage. It’s completely free to download and everyone is competing at the same level regardless of how much money you spend, which is a brand new module for this genre of mobile game.” – Ash

100% free to download play AND win, Nova Island lets you experience 1v1 card battles like never before. Choose from many single player challenges or battle against others in a competitive PvP mode. The objective of this 1v1 online multiplayer card game is to compete for territory and controlling the board by collecting 20 Novas before your opponent does.


  • Climb Leaderboards in real-time 1v1 matches
  • Complete daily challenges and earn rewards
  • Earn the grand prize in single player mode
  • Use Novas to collect cards and build your collection
  • Create decks and develop strategies
  • Choose your Pro from Max, Flora, Dr. Boom or Jack
  • Free to play and win, no real money needed
  • Spectate matches and learn from others
  • Become part of the Nova Island Community

About Thirteen Games

Thirteen Games is a game development studio founded by people from both inside and outside the industry. A team with diverse backgrounds and experiences, they want to do things differently. They are committed to creating games that focuses on fun and not money. Their favorite word is INNOVATION and they think that the number 13 is lucky.


What are you waiting for? Nova Island is available for FREE in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Get it now! Nova Island received a perfect review and it is an awesome, fun-filled online multiplayer card game and we are sure you will love it too!

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