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Natt – YouTube’s #1 FAKE e-girl – Joins AMG!

Youtube’s #1 FAKE e-girl, Natt, joins Aftershock Media Group (AMG)’s Team of Influencers!

Natt’s journey in gaming began when he was a little kid, playing Halo 3 with his babysitter. At age nine, he got his first GameCube and Nintendo DS, and from then on, there was no turning back, and he is still at it today! To him, gaming is like a movie you can interact with, and he just fell in love with the idea of being a whole new person for a while in a made-up world.

When Natt is not working on videos, he loves to go on long drives around his town and chat with his friends. If Natt can only have one meal for the rest of his life, he’d choose sandwiches because you can have something different every time and be healthy as well. And if you ever wonder what he really likes, from his favorite cereal to his best game title, he made tier lists of his favorite things. Check out the tier lists on Call of Duty titlesfast food restaurants, potato chips, breakfast cereals, and Marvel movies!

“Content Creation isn’t for everyone, but I believe it’s one of the best jobs in the world.” – Natt

Some things Natt did not know about content creation when he started are the mental challenge of consistency and the criticism he’d get. “Being a content creator means that you have to be an entire production crew until you can afford to pay others to help you,” Natt said. “So that includes editing, marketing, management, brand image, etc. ”But he does admit, though, that even though it can be hard at times, he loves making videos and entertaining people and would be happy to continue doing it for his entire life.


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