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Moopsten - AMG Exclusive Talent

Moopsten Joins AMG’s Team of Influencers

We’re excited to announce that Moopsten, a PokéFusion content creator, Tiktoker and YouTuber, has joined the AMG team of influencers. Moopsten, with over 200,000 subscribers, is known for his high-quality Pokémon content and entertaining commentary.

How Moopsten started making content

Moopsten’s mom used to run a Pokémon store in a mall, so he would get all the toys and cards he wanted, and he has been hooked ever since. He says he never stood a chance, which is why he is creating Pokemon content.

His name originated from a stuffed rabbit in his 6th-grade class he affectionately called Moop. The name just caught on and eventually became his nickname. Everyone now knows him as Moopsten. 

“The name caught on with the rest of the class and stuck from there! Verbal wildfire.”


Who inspired Moopsten

Moopsten’s biggest inspiration in content creation is Pointcrow. Pointcrow’s content is always fresh and unique, and his videos are concise and to the point. He admires his video style and content strategy that strives for creativity and efficiency. 

“He (Pointcrow) did a stream a while ago giving advice on new content creators how to grow, and using that stream, I rose to the size I am now!”


Other content creators that Moopsten enjoys are Fuslie, who starred in the music video for Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s song “Inferno.” Ludwig, who held a subathon that broke the previous record set by Ninja of the most concurrent subscribers on Twitch. And Hasanabi was nominated for the Gamers of the Year News award three consecutive years and won a “Streamy” twice. “All three of these content creators produce high-quality content,” he said. “Content that is entertaining and informative, which is definitely worth watching.”

Favorite non-gaming activities

Moopsten is an avid gamer, but he also loves to explore activities outside of gaming. His favorite non-gaming activity is cooking, which allows him to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. He also loves to explore the cities and find new restaurants, which enables him to experience different cultures and cuisines.

“Discovering a hidden gem that turns into a regular place can be the highlight of my week.”


Advice for upcoming content creators

Suppose you want to become a successful content creator. In that case, it is essential to study growing content creators instead of prominent content creators, according to Moopsten, because there is a big difference between the kind of content that famous established content creators make and the kind that growing content creators make.

“I find myself admiring a YouTube thumbnail that’s really well made longer than I watch a video”


“Studying growing content creators can provide valuable insights into what works in the current market. It can help you create better-quality content for your audience”, he said. “Furthermore, analyzing these smaller creators will also help you understand how to grow your audience and reach larger audiences. You can apply those same strategies by understanding what works for other small-scale creators.”

“When I watch a highly viewed TikTok, I’ll think about what it did right to get such high engagement instead of just enjoying it”



We’re thrilled to have Moopsten on board and know that you will love his content. Make sure to check out his socials and give him a follow!