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MoiDawg Joins AMG’s Family of Talent

We’re excited to announce that MoiDawg, a Squad content creator, YouTuber, and streamer, has joined the AMG family of talent. MoiDawg, with over 215,000 subscribers, is known for his high-quality content and entertaining commentary.

How MoiDawg started making content

“I know AMG is big in mobile gaming, but I actually don’t do any mobile gaming.”


He used to play on the original grey, giant, blocky Gameboy. His dad got it from his mom for work and never really used it. He played the original Top Gun game and moved to Japan just before Pokemon was released. He still has the Japanese-language Red, Blue, and Green games for the original Gameboy.

His nickname is from the Finnish word “Moi,” which means “hello,” and “Dawg,” which is an everyday way of referring to a friend. Combining the two words creates a creative and friendly nickname, perfect for MoiDawg with a Finnish-American heritage.

Advice to aspiring content creators

“I’ve never worked harder in my life than at this job where people joke that it’s “just playing games.”


The original Starcraft 2 tournaments on Twitch inspired him, and he realized that creating content was a possibility. What he needed to know, however, was that creating content was hard work with long hours.

“Some days was making content that went nowhere, trying, failing, and then trying again. It’s a learning process but incredibly rewarding.”


MoiDawg advises aspiring content creators to be consistent in whatever they do, whether it be videos or streaming. Doing something they genuinely want is essential because people can tell if it is not genuine. 

“Even the smallest niches can have large and supportive fanbases.”



We’re thrilled to have MoiDawg on board and know you will love his content. Make sure to check out his socials and give him a follow!