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LeilaFoxNation – RAID Shadow Legends – Joins our Influencer Team

RAID Shadow Legends Streamer, YouTuber, and Content Creator, LeilaFox Nation, joins Aftershock Media Group (AMG)’s Team of Influencers!

LeilaFox started gaming when she was a kid. She played PC games and is currently playing mobile games. Her favorites were Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. LeilaFox always loved MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games), and World of Warcraft was her favorite. She was also playing Hearthstone, which was the first game she streamed.

“Fun fact – I dislike first-person shooter games on PC and console, but I actually enjoy the arcade ones!” – LeilaFoxNation

LeilaFox’s love for gaming and positive energy make for fun and entertaining streams. Five years down the line, she has a massive following and streams RAID Shadow Legends, other games, and cosplays.

“From the moment I hit the “Go LIVE” button, I KNEW that content creation is what I was supposed to be doing – and this year will be five years for me!” – LeilaFox Nation

LeilaFox’s Content Creation Journey

However, LeilaFox’s journey was a long one. She started streaming in December 2017. Streaming four times a week while working two jobs for more than two years has paid off. She then transitioned to full-time Twitch streaming in June 2020. Soon after, she became a Twitch partner. She also hopes to inspire others to pursue and achieve their dreams.

We asked her what no one tells someone about being a full-time content creator. She replied: “The hard truth is content creation is a very competitive and difficult career.” said LeilaFox. “There is no easy path. To succeed, you must treat content creation as your business and yourself as your brand. Knowing this, it can be easy to overwork, burn out, isolate, develop bad health habits, compare yourself to others, feel jealous, or be hard on yourself. You NEED to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health and remember that you aren’t the only one having these struggles.”

Favorite things not gaming-related

Cosplaying is LeilaFox’s fun thing to do when she is not gaming. She builds and crafts her cosplays and makes the characters her own, her creativity is astounding, and all of them are art pieces. You can see her amazing cosplays every last Friday of a month on live her streams or check out her Twitter for past projects.

When it comes to favorite food, LeilaFox will choose pizza if it is the only thing she is allowed to eat for the rest of her life. According to her, the possibilities are endless, and you can go healthy or not. The only limit is your imagination.

LeilaFoxNation on Social Media

Follow LeilaFoxNation on all her social media platforms for the latest RAID Shadow Legends lore stories, shard pulls, updates, cosplays, etc.

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