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Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee talks to Sportskeeda

AMG’s Lance Frisbee spoke to Sportskeeda about content creation challenges, PUBG MOBILE, and AMGs role in the gaming industry.

Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee, Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) CEO and Co-Founder, spoke to Abhishek Mallick from Sportskeeda about content creation. He also talked about some of the challenges content creators face, PUBG MOBILE, and AMG’s role in today’s mobile gaming industry.

AMG is the brainchild of Lance Frisbee and Tim Evans, COO and co-founder. Both creators have a lot of experience creating and working with content platforms and brand partners, fulfilling sponsorship opportunities, and generally making lucrative content-based businesses.

Creating content is what they do best. After working with and being managed by other agencies, they realized they could create their own processes and standards to provide for those closest to them and serve their businesses better.

Both Lance and Tim have many incredible content creator friends who believed in their vision and supported it. Soon many pioneering content creators joined AMG as the first-ever talent-under management team. The biggest challenge was getting brands, game developers, and platform partners to take AMG seriously as a business and not just as the content creators they were.

Leveraging their good names and track record with hard work, perseverance, and lots of creative idea sessions, our partners quickly saw the advantages AMG brought with so much gaming and content experience under one roof.

PUBG MOBILE and Powerbang

Lance started his content creation career covering Clash of Clans. After creating every strategy video under the sun, it was time for a new challenge. He watched many live streams of battle royal titles and loved the simplicity of the storyline, which was easy to understand. He realized it would translate well in content. And his shift in content came with PUBG MOBILE’s global launch in 2018. He downloaded PUBG MOBILE on the same day it launched and loved it. He started creating PUBG MOBILE content from day one. Even though he expected his channel viewership to tank, it never did, and his viewership exploded immediately.

He asked the PUBG MOBILE development team to work closely with them. He worked super hard creating regular content and soon got a collaboration offer to launch their YouTube channel. His hard work and perseverance, like community building and content creation, got rewarded! Four years down the line, Lance now has his voice in the game, the Powerbang voice pack.

Content creator’s challenges

The single biggest challenge content creators face today is the competition. It seems as if three out of four kids today want to be YouTubers, so the market is getting more congested daily. To be successful, content creators need to be more creative, produce better videos and spend more time creating content than their peers. Earlier on, if you had an editor or thumbnail artist, you “made it.” Now it is required to even compete in the market, and why most top creators often employ whole teams, including editors, artists, creative directors, business managers, etc.

Burnout is also a challenge for many creators. We see so many posts on social media where they tell their fans they are “taking a break”. We try to tackle this topic regularly with the creators we represent.

AMG talent management

We take talent management very seriously and honestly care about every content creator we represent. Aftershock Media Group provides creators with talent managers and does brand development work where we guide growth strategies. We also help provide collaboration opportunities with other creators, work with their favorite brands as well as help place creators on the big stages next to names like Dr. Disrespect, Tyler1, and CourageJD.

Next for AMG

We are only starting with our journey. We are constantly exploring opportunities inside and outside of content creation to take creator brands to the next level along with our existing projects. The best is yet to come!

Read the full interview on the Sportskeeda website here.

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