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Koozie: Partnerships Manager – Meet our Team!

Learn more about Koozie! As a Partnership Manager, he is responsible for consistent communication between clients and talent.

Koozie is a Partnerships Manager at Aftershock Media Group (AMG). His primary focus is to cultivate and enhance clients’ relationships with our represented talent. In short, he is responsible for consistent communication between clients and talent while making sure the client’s needs are met.

The Beginning

Koozie started in the industry about four or five years ago in Arena Valor. Before that, he used to be in many sales positions and always knew there was something better out there for him. When he entered this industry, it became clear that the gaming industry sorely needed a support system for content creators. He was given an opportunity with AMG as an intern in December 2020, and he ran with it full-blown. He loves helping people, and his position as Partnerships Manager helped him achieve his ongoing goal of supporting talent and helping others. Koozie does not like talking about himself and considers himself to be a server. Doing whatever it takes to help make others happy and successful and achieving that brings him joy.

Koozie’s Role at AMG

Even though Koozie is part of the Partnerships Managers Team, he does a little bit of everything. Being a Jack of all trades, he also helps with recruiting and outreaching to help other teams. Koozie helps where it is needed, even if it is not in his department, gets the job done, and then takes on to the next task in stride.

“As long as my talent is happy. I’m perfectly happy as well. That’s it. Yeah, that’s me.” – Koozie

Recruiting is especially fun for Koozie. He loves finding talent and seeing them grow. Looking for talent with great personalities and vibrant energy is a gift for him. He can spot those that will evolve and grow as time passes to become better content creators eventually. Helping these hidden gems achieve their goals is his passion.

“I just love helping people. It is my main focus throughout every day, literally just helping others.” – Koozie

Outreach is almost like cold calling, but online, he reaches out to developers and companies to set up meetings. These meetings focus on partnering up developers/brands with our team of talent to help promote events/campaigns. Here he will hand it over to the campaigns team but still help with communications between the clients and talent.

“I think with AMG, it’s the energy and passion that we have as a team and shows towards our creators is what I love the most. I’ve never seen another company in this industry that gives as much of their own to help creators grow.” – Koozie

Words of Wisdom

Koozie’s advice to everyone is to stay on your path and be true to yourself. You have the potential to be or do something unique with your life and achieve all your dreams and goals. Do not let anything distract you. Always work towards your end goal and enjoy the process because that is life.

“Life is a process of getting things done, and also your way to get to the end goal.” – Koozie

Favorite Game

“I’m a grinder. So I like to have games where I can spend hours doing useless stuff like chopping down a tree or fishing or something.” – Koozie

Right now, Koozie’s favorite game is Amazon’s New World. He enjoys games where he has to grind through them, and he also plays Final Fantasy 14 and even many of the farming simulators out there.

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