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Jokesta Joins the Aftershock Media Group Family!

Call of Duty YouTuber and Content Creator, Jokesta, Joins the Aftershock Media Group Family!

The Aftershock Media Group (AMG) Family recently added a new member! We are thrilled to welcome Call of Duty YouTuber and content creator, Jokesta to our Team of Talents.

How Jokesta’s gaming career started

Jokesta started gaming when his friend let him try out a game called Parachute on his iPod Video. He fell in love playing on that tiny device and just had to get one. Diligently saving up the allowance money he received from his parents, he finally was able to buy one.

“I had music installed and played that game (Parachute) all the time.” – Jokesta

His older sister got an iPod Touch, and Jokesta was fascinated with it. Every night when his sister fell asleep, he would steal it. He downloaded Brothers In Arms 2 and Modern Combat play and then deleted the apps before returning the iPod Touch before she woke up. And then do the same thing the next night. That ended when he got the iPod Touch 2nd Gen in 2008 and is also where his mobile gaming career started.

“Now, I play on multiple latest-gen phones. iPhone 13 Pro Max and Xperia 1 III.” – Jokesta

Favorite things to do

Jokesta’s favorite thing to do in 2022 is butterfly knife (Balisong) flipping. He spends a lot of time flipping around doing tricks with his butterfly knife trainers. Later down the line, he wants to get into golfing too.

We asked him if he could be in any movie, what would it be, and what character would he play?

“Dark Knight, absolutely the Dark Knight. I loved the Joker in the movie, and I would love to play him as the character and get Batman to reveal his true identity to the world,“ he replied.


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