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Happy Birthday PUBG MOBILE – by Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee

Mobile shooter? Do those words even belong together?

It wasn’t that long ago that was sort of the vibe though, right? Gamers like us would just thumb our nose at the idea anybody could – or would – want to play a full-fledged mobile shooter.

And yet, when PUBG MOBILE launched just four years ago, it changed gaming – and my life – forever. And now, here we are four years later on the verge of the game’s fourth anniversary. We’ve seen hundreds of millions of global players battle to see that satisfying “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” victory screen. The game has developed a competitive esports scene and a passionate community that has supported players like me, who have dedicated thousands of hours to the game.

I’m proud to say I was passionately playing and sharing videos of PUBG MOBILE early on. But let’s be real. I was still wondering about how popular could a mobile shooter actually be?

My community was supporting my content for strategic games like Clash of Clans. And my videos were sharing tips on game play that didn’t bring to mind twitchiness – other than your reaction after your town hall was destroyed by an invading army and all you could do was watch it happen!

And I’m proud to say in my younger days I played Counter-Strike at a highly competitive level back in the 1.5 and 1.6 days. I still look back fondly on my LAN days. But here I was, a YouTuber and trying to make sure I was creating great content for my community of passionate mobile players. I saw something in PUBG MOBILE and didn’t look back.

PUBG MOBILE helped my channel grow considerably and within a year, I was looking for more opportunities to support YouTubers and streamers, which ended up with me starting up an agency for Content Creators, Aftershock Media Group. Now, we have a large team who can work together to create some of the most fun content around, including some really fun stuff playing PUBG MOBILE. 

Of course, those of you who have been playing along, know the rocket ship ride that PUBG MOBILE became after launch. We’ve come a long way from the early days of helping to establish PUBG MOBILE’s esports community with Lights Out, an esports organization that I formed during the early days of the scene. Now I’m getting a huge thrill out of bringing the community together for amazing events and one-of-a-kind memories.

I was floored by the news that I’d get to be part of the game that helped me become the person I am today as a Voice Pack. I hope you’re all looking forward to hearing my voice, whether you’re asking for cover fire or celebrating your victory.  And I can’t thank all of those who have supported me and the Powerbang community who watches and engages with my content.

Video games have long been a great source of inspiration to me. Back in those competitive CS days, I taught myself how to make websites and cool graphics, and before long, was working on custom websites and forums for several gaming communities and clans. That work slowly transitioned to creating YouTube videos, which led me to PUBG MOBILE, collecting chicken dinners, competing with friends and being part of a community that has supported my Powerbang YouTube channel in ways I can’t even fathom.

So Happy Fourth Birthday PUBG MOBILE – I must get back to polishing my Kar98. See y’all on the battlegrounds!

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