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Gamers Outreach Spooktacular: TEAM AMG – SCARY good!

TEAM AMG creators shared their experience and what it meant to be part of the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular 2021 Halloween event.

Gamers Outreach is genuinely a charity worthy of support. They provide access to video games to kids in hospitals in the form of GO Karts. Not only do video games give kids access to adventure and opportunities to socialize, but they also bring a sense of normalcy in hospitals. Gamers Outreach had their second annual Spooktacular 2021 Halloween event, a streamathon, which ran for the whole month of October 2021. 

TEAM AMG, which included nine of our creators, set a goal of raising $10,000 during the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular event. Each of our nine creators did a live stream, where they encouraged their viewers and fans to donate to the Gamers Outreach cause. Some of our creators were very creative with the incentives they received from GFuel, our top contributor. In addition to the monetary donation GFuell made, they also provided our creators with giveaways during streams. TEAM AMG ended up raising a total of $12,858.22 for this worthy cause, exceeding all our expectations!

TEAM AMG’s Feedback

Raising money for gamers outreach means more to me than the average person having three kids myself. These folks help kids forget about things they shouldn’t have to deal with. I’m proud of my community for reminding the world what we stand for.”

“It was an absolute honor to partake in Gamers Outreach and rally my community around such a wonderful cause! The event was near and dear to my heart because I worked with cancer patients in the past. Being exposed to their stories, I know that programs such as this one can significantly impact them. It was truly incredible being able to give back and helping Gamers Outreach surpass their fundraising goal!”

I had a rough life for as long as I can remember, and playing video games helped me escape my reality for a little while. Seeing what Gamers Outreach is doing for sick kids melts my heart since I couldn’t always get the newest games because we couldn’t afford them. It was an honor to do this, and I’m so proud of myself and my community for backing it up. Hopefully, we will be able to do this again and give way more!”

Being a father myself, this charity hit me differently. Knowing there are children out there in so much pain while their parents are also suffering struck me. Gamer’s Outreach is a charity that takes the pain away for a while. Now that’s something I want to participate in. Gaming changed my life and still does to this very day, to get away from life and enter a Virtual Reality world and forget about what’s going on in the real world.


Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that for these children? Count me in. Every year I will be supporting them!”

It was a great experience, with a great cause behind it! Proud that this was my first charity stream! Thank you to AMG and Gamers Outreach and everyone involved.”

People say that there is strength in numbers, and the power I felt taking part in the Gamers Outreach Spooktacular was unprecedented! We all came together for a great cause! I hope that we can bring some of this strength to all hospitalized families.”

“Doing this event meant so much to me. Growing up, my dad was always in and out of hospitals for severe lupus. I also learned that he was stuck in a hospital a lot as a kid when he first got diagnosed. So, doing something that might affect someone in a similar situation as my dad means the world to me. I know how much hardship he went through in the hospital, and as a matter of fact,  I know that it could have been better with some games. It makes me proud to see that I was a part of something like this. Thank you, Gamers Outreach, for having me.”

I loved supporting such a fantastic charity in Gamers Outreach! During my live stream, we managed to raise over $1300, and it feels great to know that it helps support children going through tough times in hospitals!”

Yeah! I loved doing it, and it felt great to play games and raise money and awareness for a great cause!”

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