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Eragon Joins AMG’s Family of Talent

We are thrilled to welcome Eragon, a Clash Royale content creator, and YouTuber, to the AMG family of talent. We look forward to the amazing content he will create in the future.

At first, Eragon misspelled the word “dragon” and wrote “Eragon” instead. He liked how it sounded and decided to use it as his creator name.

Early Influence

Fellow content creator, Ryley, greatly influenced and encouraged Eragon to start doing daily uploads and commentary. Ryley’s guidance profoundly impacted his success, and he is thankful for the support he received.

“The channel instantly blew up after that”


Eragon never expected that his YouTube channel would become so successful. When he first started, he thought his YouTube channel would max out at around 25,000 subscribers, but three months later, he had far surpassed that number. He worked hard to make his videos creative and original, ensuring viewers stayed engaged. He was also always bold in taking advice from more experienced YouTubers and applying it to his work. Through hard work and dedication, Eragon achieved far more than he initially thought possible.

Eragon’s advice to upcoming content creators

“If you are an upcoming content creator, one piece of advice to keep in mind is to stay consistent. Consistency is key to gaining followers and engaging with your audience,” he said. “Additionally, having good thumbnails can really help in the beginning when you are a small content creator. Thumbnails can make a big difference in drawing in viewers and gaining more attention.”

“You need some sort of an end goal because you will find yourself losing motivation eventually and slacking off.”


When asked about his favorite snack, Eragon responded with how much he loves chocolate cookies! In five years, he hopes to be actively still creating content. Even if it may not be related to Clash Royale, it will still have a focus on gaming. He is committed to staying creative and motivated as he looks toward the future.


We are delighted to welcome Eragonand are confident you will adore the content he provides. We encourage you to browse his social media accounts and hit the follow button!