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Doro44 - New AMG Talent

Doro44 – AMG’s Newest Exclusive Influencer

We are excited to announce that Doro44 has joined the AMG family of talent!!!

How Doro44 Got His Start in Gaming

“I pretended it was my birthday to my parents when I was like 6, and they went along with it.” – Doro44

Doro44’s uncle made his dream come true when he presented him with a brand new Playstation 1 for his ‘pretend birthday.’ Ecstatic, he set it up and loaded Crash Bandicoot that had come with it. From then on, he was hooked. It opened the door for his exploration of  the gaming world and sparked a passion that stayed with him long into adulthood.

Challenges in Content Creation

Doro44 quickly learned that creating content is more than just having fun while making videos.. Along the way, he’s colme to learn that the lows can be just as profound and discouraging as the highs. Through these trials, he has found the strength to pick himself up and press on towards achieving his goals as a creator. These defining moments have ultimately defined his successes so far!

Favorite Hobbies Outside of Gaming

Doro44 is an adventurous, outgoing person at heart who loves making the most of his free time. When he isn’t gaming, his favorite activity is watching movies with his girlfriend or going for walks together. 

If He Could Be Any Superhero…

Doro44 would love to be Spiderman (his favorite superhero), even though he’s scared of spiders! The fact that Spiderman has a mix of superhuman abilities and some more grounded ones, like his web shooters, is what makes him his favorite. He would be excited to have the strength and agility to swing from building to building while saving people from danger.


We’re thrilled to have Dor44 on board and know that you will love his Genshin Impact content. Make sure to check out his socials and give him a follow!