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David Meyer Joins AMG: Influencer Manager

David Meyer, aka Moustache Dave, joins AMG as our first NFT Influencer Manager. Learn more about him and what he is doing at AMG.

The newest member of Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) NFT Games team is David Meyer, aka Moustache Dave, as an Influencer Manager.  Do you have a mastery of crypto and NFT? Would you love the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing games in this emerging space? Do you want to be part of our team, then make sure you check our job postings.

Who is David Meyer?

David Meyer started as a content creator by volunteering at community events. When PUBG PC first came out, he got into the esports scene. He met a lot of players and talent, and his hobby transitioned into a job. A job that allowed him to travel the world covering events within the PC community. He was also recognized in the mobile community and started casting and interviewing talent in the mobile gaming community. All this allowed him to meet amazing people and develop valuable business relationships.

“I think every event that I get invited to is a high point for me because I’ve always tried to improve, I’ve become a better caster, the better person as a whole.” – David Meyer.

Hailing from South Florida, David graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management, and Operations. He also has a Master’s Degree in Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management. For the last five years, David worked as an esports on-screen personality for PUBG and PUBG Mobile. 

From NFTs to Cryptocurrency to NFT Gaming

The journey in NFTs for David began with Crypto Kitties in 2017, which transitioned into cryptocurrency. In late 2019 he rediscovered NFTs and started to collect NFT art and follow NFT artists. His favorite NFT artist is FVCKRENDER, and the first NFT game he played was Axie Infinity.

“I have a passion for NFTs and believe blockchain technology can change the future.” – David Meyer.

Having ownership of in-game assets is the future, according to David. Traditionally, you play a game, and you may spend some money on cosmetics, but you will never own them. If you quit the game, you do not have anything to show for it. With NFT games, however, you have ownership of the in-game assets you purchase. So, the cosmetics or character you buy within the game will always be yours, even if you quit the game. You can do what you want with an NFT game asset, sell it, hold on to it or come back to the game a year later, and you will still have ownership of it. Owning in-game purchases also allows players to care a lot more about a particular game. This aspect of NFT gaming excites  David.

David as Influencer Manager at AMG

David Meyer - Influencer Manager: Incarnate

David Meyer – Influencer Manager: Incarnate

Hotjukes introduced David to AMG’s CEO, Lance Frisbee. He did a couple of events as a content creator and then saw the job posting for an Influencer Manager at AMG. David is excited to be part of the new NFT Department. His goal is to help build something extraordinary from the ground floor up. With his passion for NFTs and gaming and the ability to combine them in his position as Influencer Manager at AMG, the sky’s the limit.

As an Influencer Manager for AMG, David acts as the primary point of contact between AMG, developers, and influencers. In addition to facilitating regular and prompt communications, he is also responsible for developing and delivering marketing products, services, and proposals.

“I recognized how AMG has been putting a lot of hard work into building a company within the mobile and gaming community, and I wanted to be part of the team from the ground up” – David Meyer.

The flexibility and inclusive culture within AMG inspire David and all other staff to come up with new ideas outside of the box. AMG not only welcomes new ideas but encourages staff to build and innovate within the space.

AMG’s NFT Game Department

AMG is looking for more people who have a passion for both gaming and the NFT space as a whole.

Crypto Strategists

Crypto Strategists are individuals who is passionate about the crypto space and how it integrates into the mobile gaming scene. Persons in this role will need to have a high level of interest in researching the Crypto/ NFT space by immersing themselves in current developments and conversations regarding anything and everything crypto and gaming. AMG Crypto Strategists will be a crucial part of building developer relationships by identifying how trends in the space correlate to AMG’s product and service offerings. They will also recommend overall strategy as we establish ourselves as the premier agency for NFT developers and creators.

Influencer Managers

Like David, Influencer Managers are responsible for acting as the primary point of contact between AMG, developers, and influencers. In addition to facilitating regular and prompt communications, you will be accountable for the timely development and delivery of marketing products, services, and proposals.

If you are passionate about NFTs and understand the fundamentals of the blockchain and NFTs within gaming, then apply to our NFT Marketing Department. The NFT gaming scene is new, and this is your opportunity to be one of the innovators within the space. 

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