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Brayden MacKinnon: AMG’s Senior Partnership Manager – Meet our Team!

After Brayden graduated from high school, he went straight into university in pursuit of a degree in Paramedicine. After becoming a paramedic and working at that for almost a year Brayden realized that his passion remained in the digital world, so he began focusing on his online career, which led him to AMG.

Brayden began working with AMG almost a year ago as part of the sales team, managing inboxes, and cultivating brand relationships. Recently, Brayden has been promoted to Senior Partnerships Manager. Brayden’s day to day operations include overseeing the sales and partnerships team, scouting new talent to service at AMG, and helping creators scale their brand.

Part of Brayden’s duties is to develop concrete processes for talent management and add new talent while serving every person to the highest standard possible. He is constantly honing AMG’s strategies to expand our footing in mobile gaming and be a full-service agency that can appeal to everyone.

Brayden loves being part of AMG’s grassroots, helping a young company formulate their DNA. He enjoys the fast-paced environment where the goals are to scale as large as possible while continuing to service our talent to our AMG standard. Brayden is passionate about seeing creators grow, finding creators with the potential to grow, and helping provide the necessary tools to support them in doing so. Being part of an exceptional, fast-growing team that began as a team of 4, and has since scaled to 60+ employees and 80+ exclusive talent all within three years.

Brayden’s advice to content creators wanting to join AMG is continue to make themselves visible, focusing on their brand and content. “From there, we will help you take it to the next step.” AMG continues to emphasize at it’s core the importance of being triple A talent representatives, while continuing to add additional talent and ensuring we remain very equipped to do so. If you’re interested in being part of AMG, you can always connect with Brayden directly.

Brayden’s role models in the industry are Skyler Johnson and Reed Duchscher, among others. According to Brayden, Skyler is an innovative forward-thinker, who is continuing to push the gaming industry to new heights with his various ventures. Skyler in Brayden’s eyes, has remained very true to his core community and only develops products and brands, that are in the best interest of the people in the industry.

Reed Duchscher and his team alongside of are redefining what it means to be a creator. Reed has played a critical role in the standup of Mr Beast burger, and many incredible activations over time working with some incredible content creators, and maintaining an elite-standard of creator care.

We asked Brayden if he could create a holiday, what would it be? Brayden was quick to touch on the issues that our world is facing right now, and wished for another day to come together and hope for peace in our world. To be considerate of people, the situations around us, and make an effort to get involved in any way we can to continue to support those in need.

If you want to learn more about Brayden, listen “Bridging the Gap, Episode 8” on Spotify, where he talks about his experiences, work with organizations, and future goals.

Aftershock Media Group is hosting a charity stream to assist in refugee-aid, if you are interested in taking part or would like to support the cause, please make sure to be following @AMGInfluence for all relevant details regarding the event.