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Best Mobile Gadgets to Up Your Game in 2022!

Whether you are a pro player on the world’s stage or a newbie gamer, these must-have mobile gadgets will help you up your gameplay.

Do you want to level up your gaming experience? Whether you prefer a competitive first-player shooter like PUBG Mobile or a multiplayer strategy game like Clash of Clans, mobile gadgets will help improve your gaming experience.

As smartphones become more gaming-equipped, mobile gaming accessories can make or break a gaming session. Today we share our best mobile gadget ideas to help you improve your gaming experience. You won’t regret getting any of these!

20 Best Gadgets in 2022 for Mobile Gamers

Claw Socks/finger sleeves are ultra-thin and comfortable, preventing sweaty, sticky fingers and maintaining accurate touch on mobile devices.

If you take your mobile gaming seriously, you need more than just “good” audio. Opt for a headset balanced for all media types with active noise cancellation. It is a good investment for any gamer.

Earbuds are much more affordable than headphones and wireless. It’s gaming-friendly, with low latency and comfortable silicon tips.

A device that allows you to send your phone/tablet’s video feed into your computer. You don’t need more than 1080p/60fps for streaming mobile, so don’t worry about getting a more capable 4k card unless you’re getting a higher resolution recording.

The USB-C Extension cable is handy to extend the accessibility of your device’s range, and it protects the interface from damage.

Want to stream your mobile gameplay to your PC? You can get a USB-to-HDMI cable. It connects your device to your PC’s HDMI input and treats the phone as another display.

A simple USB-OTG cable would allow you to connect USB-A devices like external game controllers to your phone. Why stop at an OTG cable when you can opt for a USB hub? First, make sure your phone has a USB-C port to use this hub. You can also use the USB ports for pass-through charging.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but having a suitable charging cable around is helpful, especially if you’re relying on a battery pack.

This gadget is super helpful for games that require a lot of processing power to keep your phone cool. It can also charge your phone WIRELESSLY, which is crazy helpful because most people already use their main phone plug to stream.

Depending on where you choose to play or practice, having power available at all times is a must-have!

High-speed and compatible with various mobile devices, a charging pad is convenient when using multiple devices. It transmits power through most protective cases and uses LED lights to display charge status.

Not all mobile devices support microSD storage, but if yours does, you can use it to sideload your phone with games or just as extra storage space for clips/photos/files.

This grip is the market’s best, most comfortable grip for games requiring you to hold your phone vertically. It is way better than a pop socket! Also, it doubles as a stand if you ever need to lay your phone at an upright angle.

Certain mobile games, especially those involving precision shooting like PUBG Mobile, are best played with trigger buttons. They help you see more of your screen. You can position them along screen edges and adjust the position on a “per game” basis.

It connects directly to your phone’s charging port. Game controllers also will enable you to plug in and charge your phone using pass-through charging while turning your mobile phone into a handheld console.

This brilliant iPhone case adds a Gameboy lookalike to the back of your Apple device. You can play classics such as Tetris, Formula One Racing, and Tank using the built-in controls and LCD screen.

Having your hands free can give you a significant edge depending on your game! Device stands are adjustable and weighted, and the rubber padding helps ensure your phone doesn’t get scratched.

It seems basic but can come in very handy when screens get dirty or smudgy. So, you need a safe way to keep your favorite gaming device clean. You can’t go wrong with these wipes.

A cell phone magnifier screen is an excellent solution for you and your family to watch movies and TV comfortably at home, work, or travel.

A liquid screen protector is a wipe-on liquid coating that bonds to the glass of your device and improves scratch and impact resistance. It should not be applied to broken or scratched screens and will also not protect your phone when it “falls” too hard after losing a game.


These gadgets can transform your phone into a splendid gaming engine. However, you do not need all of these mobile gadgets to have a great experience. What you need will vary based on where you plan to use them. At home, on the road, or both. We recommend that you check the compatibility of each gadget to your mobile phone’s specifications.

Our top picks are a good portable charger with a long multi-charging cable. Then some high-quality headphones or earbuds to give you better audio quality while saving your family and friends from the noise.

What are your favorite mobile gaming gadgets? 

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