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Beaker’s Lab Joins the AMG Family!

Clash of Clans Content Creator, Youtuber, and Streamer, Beaker’s Lab,  joins the Aftershock Media Group (AMG) Family!

We are genuinely excited to welcome Beaker’s Lab to the fast-growing AMG Family!

Beaker’s Lab currently has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. His main game is Clash of Clans, but he loves all SuperCell games. He is vegan, loves his pets, and is particularly fond of rabbits.

“I like to watch anime, listen to podcasts (I’m into true crime and other creepy stuff lately!), and hang out with my two cats and two bunnies. They’re the best.” – Beaker’s Lab

He comes from a family of professional ski instructors, and just like them, he is an enthusiastic skier and mountain biker. Beaker’s Lab enjoys woodworking as a hobby and once considered it as a potential career path. However, being creative and always excited to work on his own projects, he realized the hidden potential of YouTube.

Supportive Mother

“I have an amazing mom who was super supportive of my hobbies (mostly sports and video games!), and I can still remember getting one new game at every holiday or special occasion.” – Beaker’s Lab

His mother supported his gaming passion throughout the years. She researched and always found something popular Beaker’s Lab would like. She was very good at it too. He never had to ask for a specific game, and she even got him a subscription to the Nintendo Power magazine. This was back in the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 era. He enjoyed the magazine. Reading about gaming news and upcoming events in this magazine paved the way for his career.

“I loved that magazine! It made gaming seem more legit, more adult, and helped me to see it as a potential career path in the future.” – Beaker’s Lab

Gaming Career

Beaker’s Lab has been an avid gamer ever since he was a kid. His passion was console games for as long as he can remember. At about eight years old, he tried to beat Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past in one sitting without dying or turning off the console. All because it had a counter that kept track of how many times you did that.

“I’ve always liked making my own pointless challenges in games.” – Beaker’s Lab

Twenty years later, Beaker’s Lab is still gaming. He did stop for some time while he was at college. In 2013 he saw an advertisement for Clash of Clans, and thus his mobile gaming affinity began, and the rest is history.

“Something about that bright orange and yellow barbarian caught my attention, and I haven’t stopped playing since that day!” – Beaker’s Lab

Which superhero would he be?

If Beaker’s Lab could be a superhero, he would either be Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist or his brother, Al. They are not really superheroes in their world, but they can create anything with a clap of their hands provided they have the right ingredients.

“I’ve always loved building stuff, and this seems like a good power to have without getting TOO overpowered (unless you have a Philosopher’s Stone, but we don’t mess with that). Plus, I could whip up a couple of PS5’s for my friends. I’d be a hero this Christmas for sure.” – Beaker’s Lab

We completely agree that this is an incredible superpower to have, even though that Christmas gift list will definitely be a long one.

Social Media

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