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Bailey’s Dad joins AMG’s Team of Influencers

Clash Royale YouTuber, and Content Creator, Bailey’s Dad joins Aftershock Media Group (AMG)’s Team of Influencers!

We’re excited to announce that Bailey’s Dad, a Clash Royale content creator, and YouTuber, has joined the AMG team of influencers! Bailey’s Dad has a massive following on YouTube as well as TikTok and is well-known in the Clash Royale community.

How Bailey’s Dad started in gaming

Gaming is a massive part of Bailey’s Dad’s life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He always was and still is a big fan of games and owned consoles from the Super NES and almost every Gameboy ever made to the Sega consoles. As far back as he can remember, Bailey’s Dad always had a console or handheld at his disposal and as he grew older eventually got more into mobile and PC gaming.


When Bailey’s Dad started watching Supercell creators like MOLT, Godson, and Clash with Ash, he felt he could do what they were doing. Their creativity and ability to make engaging and entertaining content inspired him.

“Funny enough, I started out making content related to music in the late 2000s. I had this dream of being a famous DJ and would put out videos regularly on an old channel…” – Bailey’s Dad

Creativity is about self-expression, finding new ways to communicate, and having fun. Bailey’s Dad finds inspiration from several different artistic mediums. Whether it’s paintings, music, or films, all of these feed into his desire to create content. He loves the process of creating something new and enjoys the challenge of taking something from concept to completion.

Favorite non-gaming things

“I freaking LOVE amusement parks…thrill rides, and coasters, and seeing the different sections of the parks… it’s the best!” – Bailey’s Dad

Now that Bailey’s Dad has a little family with a wife and two kids, he feels like going to amusement parks will be even more exciting! He can’t wait to see the looks on their faces as they experience all the fun and excitement the parks offer. Plus, he knows that they’ll love spending time together as a family while creating lasting memories.

“My sustenance and my world is cheesy popcorn (LOL!!!!), but for real… I could eat Cheesy Popcorn every night of my life happily.” – Bailey’s Dad

If he could have any superpower in the world, he would choose to heal people’s minds. He would want to help those struggling with mental health-related issues, trauma, and other conditions impacting their ability to think clearly and function daily. He would use his power to help as many people as possible and make everyone’s world better. 

“I want to help people heal from their past and present hurts so they can live their lives to the fullest. I know it’s not always easy, but I believe it’s possible.” – Bailey’s Dad

Tip for Content Creators

Bailey’s Dad suggests that even when you don’t want to play or make content around your specific game you niched into, you really should consider it.

“You’re not going always enjoy the process of making content, but I always strive to be as genuinely passionate and excited for every video, illustration, or animation I make because it’s just more sustainable that way!” – Bailey’s Dad

Social Media

Follow Bailey’s Dad on all his Social Media platforms for your daily dose of creativity, Clash Royale content, and more.