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Apex Legends Mobile (Beta 4) now LIVE!

The mobile version of Apex Legends (Beta 4) is now live with exciting new features and a new game mode. Interview with ImOw – his thoughts on the game, update and future.

The long anticipated Beta 4 of Apex Legends Mobile is now live. Fans and gamers alike are excitedly awaiting the global launch to get their hands on the game following the success of Apex Legends on PC and console. While this round of beta testing is currently only available in Mexico, Peru and Columbia, it will also be available on 6 October in Egypt and Turkey.

With Beta 4 there is also a cool new feature, which is exclusive to mobile. Apex Legends News announced this new feature on Twitter, shortly after the release saying that Legends are now allowed to level up with exclusive perks. These perks include tactical cooldowns as well as regenerating shields. Apex Legends Mobile also has infinite ammo in the firing range.

What is new in Beta 4?

  • Arenas added with different game modes like TDM (Team DeathMatch)
  • New Feature: Perks
  • Added new movements: wall bounce and move in air
  • New game modes and ultra settings

We reached out to ImOw, content creator and avid gamer to find out what his thoughts regarding Apex Legends Mobile are.

What is your background in gaming and what brought you to start playing and creating content for Apex Legends Mobile?

Hi ImOw here, a mobile content creator aspiring to be one of the biggest names in mobile gaming. I have been a gamer pretty much since I can remember, probably holding a controller before I could even walk.

I started playing Apex Legends on Xbox back before any seasons and hit top 10 in the world. Then I transitioned over to being a mobile content creator and got very good at it, even playing at professional level in the CODM scene. Fast forward a little and here we are now with the announcement of Apex Legends Mobile. I’ve participated in all of the betas so far and was one of the first players to hit Predator rank in the world. Came 8th in the overall leaderboard while daily uploading content and editing videos/thumbnails.

As a content creator, you’re setting yourself to be the #1 creator for Apex Legends Mobile. How do you think Apex Legends Mobile is going to impact the “shooter” genre for mobile games?

Apex Legends Mobile will impact the mobile shooter genre by far, this unique game isn’t like a normal battle royale most mobile players are used to. This requires a whole different level of competitive thinking as you need to consider abilities and character selections. You need to work in a team on the game, it’s not just a one man army potential. This will for sure raise the level for mobile gaming.

You are launching Portable Predators, what are your goals for this organization and how do you see it impacting the competitive scene?

Portable Predators is a unique organisation, which had proudly partnered with Trovo live streaming platform to bring the biggest cash prize pool for Apex Legends Mobile. I honestly believe that this organisation will change the history of how esports is looked upon by console and PC players. We are here to make our mark. Stay tuned.

Tell us more about the Apex Legends Mobile Duo Showdown.

There is a $1200 Prize pool and $100 in giveaways event starting on the 25th and this will consist of three days (25th-27th) and prize pools of $400 per day brought to you by ‘Portable Predators’ for the game ‘Apex Legends Mobile’.

We have so many more events lined up for the future with big cash prizes! But for now we are here to bring the first ever mobile game BETA Event. This has never been done before and we are super happy to push the boundaries and create that base layer of the cake ready to launch when Apex Legends Mobile launches globally.

How can someone take part in the Apex Legends Mobile Duo Showdown?

All Players have to sign up using our sign up link. We have set out the full structure and rules for them to follow here.

Do you have any advice for fans and new players?

If you’re new to Apex Legends Mobile, playing its 4th beta, then congratulations on taking your first step to entering the new world of mobile gaming. This new beta has so many cool new features including TDM and Arenas. It’s no longer just a typical Battle Royale Game, it now targets a much wider audience. 

It’s so amazing to see how the first beta looked and performed to how it is within this 4th beta. So much has changed and you mobile gamers are going to love it! I’m excited to be able to constantly bring you news on this amazing game, and create unique fun content for you all.  

My advice to you if you’re new? Easy, have fun, drop hard, be confident and get that dub!

Follow ImOw on Twitter, Youtube and Twitch for the latest Apex Legends Mobile content and news.

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