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Anthony Hogan: AMG’s Director of Talent – Meet our Team!

Learn more about Anthony Hogan! Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) Director of Talent and Partnerships and part of the AMG Leadership Team.

Anthony Hogan is AMG’s Director of Talent and Partnerships and part of the AMG Leadership Team. He manages our Talent Team, which in turn works with our 60+ exclusive talents. In his role as Director of Partnerships, Anthony also manages the AMG Sales Team.

Where it started

Anthony was a Pastor for 15 years and got involved in gaming through Call of Duty. He was an esports commentator for Call of Duty esports with his podcast and YouTube channel, where he made content.

Back in those days when he created content, Anthony was sponsored by GFuel before he switched careers. He was a partnerships manager at GFuel for a year and helped establish their mobile gaming partnerships. While working for GFuel, he got to work a lot with AMG and met Lance Frisbee (AMG CEO) and Timothy Evans (AMG COO).

Anthony Hogan’s Role at AMG

Wanting to be a Talent Manager, he talked with Lance and Tim, and he accepted the Director of Talent position at AMG. Since then, Anthony slowly grew into the company and is now doing many more things for AMG.

Director of Talent and Partnerships

Aside from being AMG’s Director of Talent and Partnerships, Anthony also is part of the AMG Leadership Team. As Director of Talent, he manages our Talent Team, which includes helping recruit new talent and talent care. As Director of Partnerships, Anthony oversees the Sales Team who handles incoming opportunities for our exclusive talent. This position also includes creating and securing outbound sales opportunities.

“I love my team and the people I get to work with every day. I feel honored to be their co-worker.” – Anthony Hogan

Anthony also recently started helping with business development, where he is handling potential large clients and opportunities for partnerships with AMG. Not only does Anthony manage the Talent and Sales Teams, but he also runs AMG’s social media on Twitter.

AMG Leadership Team

As part of the Leadership Team, Anthony helps with decisions that benefit AMG, and he also helps with the recruitment and interviewing of potential new AMG employees.

“I like that AMG is very fast-paced and keeps me on my toes, keeps me thinking and creative. And I love being creative. I love problem-solving creatively.” – Anthony Hogan

The best thing about working with the AMG team, for Anthony,  is the diversity. There never is a dull moment, and he loves the opportunities that come his way. AMG does not want the team to conform to a mold. There are always opportunities to grow and come up with ideas outside of the box.

“It’s really cool all the new relationships I get to establish and all the people I’ve met. We’re always coming up with something new. Every week, there are new opportunities, new ideas. And it’s just the variety of opportunities that I love.” – Anthony Hogan

Favorite Game

Call of Duty is his favorite game, and he has been playing it for more than 11 years. Not only does Anthony have an immense love for the game itself, but also the Call of Duty community.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, just before Anthony started with AMG, he hit a rough patch and was about to lose his house. He reached out to the Call of Duty community, and they came together for him in a big way. Call of Duty teams, organization owners, pro players, fans, and everybody just chipped in and helped save his home.

”That was a genuinely fantastic time where the community just came together and helped my family and me in a big way.” – Anthony Hogan

“I’ve been playing Call of Duty almost since it started. I missed only one or two titles.” – Anthony Hogan

Anthony still plays his favorite game, Call of Duty, in his free time and still does a weekly podcast for it,  talking about updates, pro players, esports, and whatever is going on in the scene at that moment. Anthony has three sons, aged 9, 12, and 13, and all three are gamers just like him!

“Be yourself, stay positive. Ask for help. And don’t give up on your dreams.” – Anthony Hogan

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