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AMG to Speak at the Esports Business Summit

AMG’s Lance Frisbee and Daniel Heinauer will speak at the Esports Business Summit (EBS). The summit takes place on 18-20 October in Las Vegas.

Lance Frisbee, Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) CEO and Co-Founder, and Daniel Heinauer, Director of Accounts, will speak at the Esports Business Summit (EBS). The summit takes place on 18-20 October in Las Vegas. During the three days of the conference, Lance will be speaking on mobile esports, while Daniel will be talking about what you need to know about NFTs.

Esports Business Summit (EBS)

EBS brings together all the sectors of the esports ecosystem. The summit runs for three days and not only offers valuable opportunities for networking, education, but also inspiration in the esports sector. EBS gives you insights from leading voices who have successfully grown their businesses in the esports industry. So, it’s a unique opportunity to learn from key executives who are growing their businesses in esports. 

Lance Frisbee – CEO and Co-Founder of AMG

Lance may be best known for building a public following of more than 2 million in mobile gaming. However, with more than 20 years of experience and many talents, Lance has firsthand experience in many gaming projects. His unique skill set includes computer programming, graphic design, sales & marketing, public speaking & consulting, angel investments, executive level management, and much more.

As the CEO of Aftershock Media Group, Lance also assembled an all-star team of marketing professionals within the gaming industry. This team is collaborating with the world’s most successful brands. Together, they will revolutionize how media feels and how to do business in today’s digital marketplace. 

Mobile esports is one of the fastest-growing segments in the gaming industry. Lance and other industry leaders will speak at the Esports Business Summit on Tuesday, 19 October 2021, on Mobile Esports. Attendees will acquire knowledge of mobile esports and reliable advice on how to get ahead in this rapidly growing industry.

Daniel Heinauer – AMG Director of Accounts

Daniel is the Director of Accounts for AMG. He coordinates large-scale initiatives with some of the largest developers in the industry. Also, he leads all marketing campaigns and revenue-generating opportunities. Daniel is now working on AMG’s effort to be the leader in the NFT gaming space.

According to Daniel, a rise in NFT gaming is the next evolution of the broadening gaming ecosystem. With the introduction of play-to-earn mechanics in addition to the economy that already existed in games for years, it only needed the tech that the blockchain provides to become available to a broader audience. The esports industry needs to learn from the early play-to-earn games and then tap into these markets. Additionally, these new play-to-earn games will likely prove to be the next evolution of gaming.

Join Daniel and other leading experts as they discuss the hurdles and challenges in the marketplace, the do’s and the don’ts, and everything that you need to know about NFTs on Wednesday,20 October 2021.

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