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Shockwave Newsletter 2023w22

Supercell Creator Academy in LA & More!

Creator Academy in L.A.

The team has been hard at work behind the scenes with our partners at Supercell & YouTube Gaming to redefine how game developers support their creators. The two-day in-person workshop took place last month in Los Angeles, California with the goal of helping creators grow their channels even more. The workshop also hosted YouTube guru Roberto Blake as a guest educator.

Major Milestones

Two of our newest Minecraft creators, Carvs and Halvetone, have hit their second major YouTube milestone – 500k subscribers! Minecraft’s ability for its players to get as creative as they’d like gives these creators the advantage to diversify their content whenever need be.

Hydra Creator Clash

A group of Raid: Shadow Legends creators, including 4 of our very own (ColdBrewGaming, DeadwoodJedi, HellHades, and Skratch), are facing the horrors of Hydra’s Lair and seeking to become the champ of the Hydra Creator Clash. The Draft Competition featured eight creators battling it out on the test server Hydra Rotation at Brutal Difficulty and concluded last week. If you missed the exciting finale, you can check it out here.

Titan Series PUBG MOBILE Season 1 Winners

Our partnership with PUBG MOBILE led to an exciting finale for Titan Series first season, with runners-up Dauntless and Phoenix Esports earning 59 and 65 points respectively, and C4 Esports taking the crown with 70 points. Will we see the S1 kings on top again? Tune in to Season 2 when it starts June 1st to find out!

New Talent Signings

We recently had the pleasure of signing Nagato and InfamousJJ to the AMG family of talent. InfamousJJ adds to our continually growing Minecraft team, while Nagato expands our anime-gaming roster. We’re excited to work with them both!

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