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Amazon’s New World: Off to a Great Start!

Amazon’s newest game, New World was launched successfully on 28 September 2021 and is still performing very well after only two weeks.

Amazon’s newest game, New World was launched on 28 September 2021 and is still performing very well after only two weeks. The launch was hugely successful due to the power of Amazon’s solid influencer strategy and the streaming community. Which ensured that there were 980k concurrent viewers on day 1. Shroud and Fextralife accounted for over 110k viewers each. 

At time of writing, New World enters its third week, with just over 307k people playing right now, and a 24-hour peak of over 661k players. New World is still doing well on stream, with an average viewers rank of 2nd, peak viewers rank of 2nd and average channels rank of 1st (up to 12 October 2021). Even though the viewership has declined, as expected post launch, it has exceeded 10 million hours watched by over 240k+ viewers over the past 3 days. 

Even though it takes months/years to gauge the success of new MMO’s, Amazon’s New World is widely popular right now and is off to a great start when comparing it to other popular games, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

So what is New World?

New World is a fantasy, open-world MMO, developed by Amazon and for now only available on Windows PC.  Players are shipwrecked on the mysterious island of Aeternum. As adventurers explore the island they must unlock its powers and secrets. Players can also join forces with others, claim and control territories, fight for survival, gather and craft materials.

If I get asked “hey is this game fun” one more time in chat I’m going to lose it. No…I’ve played 15 hours a day for a week because it’s boring…” – Clint Evans (@Maven)

Interesting/Funny Game Features

The Animals Revolt – In Game Lore

The animals revolted in New World and therefore adventurers will not have beasts of burden or mounts. Even only attempting to domesticize donkeys or horses on Aeternum will lead to injury. The “friendly local doctor” further explains in a note in the game: 

After a recent spate of back injuries, the doctors of Aeternum feel compelled to issue this warning to anyone who transports goods between settlements:

Please remember that there are NO beasts of burden on Aeternum. No horse or donkey will pull your cart, carry your pack, or tolerate a rider. All efforts to domesticate or re-domesticate these animals have led only to injury and a lot of swearing.

Therefore, it is important to transport ONLY as many goods as your own back can bear. Do not overburden your backs or carts. This is not the Old World. In Aeternum, we must all pull our own weight. 

Your joints will thank you!

In Game Lore – No Mounts Explained! – Me me smile from newworldgame


Many players will find that the usernames “Jeff Bezos” as well as “Amazon” are banned from the character naming options. This includes all sorts of creative variations. Players will have a tough time naming their characters after either the founder of Amazon or Amazon itself.


New World’s Aeternum is a beautiful huge world. With its variety of environments, various player modes and roleplaying options it will keep players coming back for more.

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