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Aftershock Media Group (AMG) is three years old!

Aftershock Media Group (AMG) signed our first talent back on July 9, 2019, which marks today as the day of our official anniversary!

It’s official – we’ve been in the business for three years! AMG signed our first talent back on July 9, 2019, which marks today, the day of our official anniversary. We are super proud of what we accomplished over the past few years and cannot wait to see where this incredible journey will lead us! 

How Lance and Tim met

Despite our social team writing a humorously untrue origin story this year, Lance and Tim actually met while covering Clash of Clans in 2015. They hit it off immediately. Lance and Tim loved traveling and meeting new people, and they quickly realized they could work well together. They each brought different strengths to the table and complemented each other perfectly. After joining a talent agency together and realizing that they could do better than what was being offered, they decided to start their own company. So Aftershock Media Group (AMG) was born.

AMG’s First Year – 2019/2020

Initially, when Lance and Tim started AMG, it was a bit overwhelming from a business perspective. At first, they took a day-by-day approach while finding staff, influencers, and content creators who shared their vision.

Talented and like-minded people joined the AMG team and started building on Lance and Tim’s dream. They gave the company a lot of new energy and ideas. In 2020, the team welcomed nine new staff members, bringing the total number of employees to 11.

In our first year, 33 fantastic content creators believed in Lance and Tim’s vision and joined our team of influencers. We’re incredibly grateful to have them on board! These creators produce some of the best content on the internet, and their support has been invaluable in helping us grow.

2021 Setting the Pace

The growth of Aftershock Media Group’s (AMG) Team of Employees in 2021 was phenomenal, and we welcomed 25 new staff members. Thus adding to AMG even more passion and the skillsets necessary to provide innovative solutions that help our clients reach their goals and support our fast-growing base of influencers.

In 2021, AMG signed 39 new influencers, content creators, and talent. These individuals are truly unique, and their combined reach is staggering. With their help, we connected with millions and significantly grew our brand. We’re incredibly grateful to have them on board.

AMG’s continued growth in 2022

Talented staff members are joining our family from all over the world. We have welcomed 22 new staff members in 2022 and look forward to expanding our team. We are very excited about our growth.

AMG also signed 13 more amazing talents to our ever-growing team of influencers. With their help, we can reach even more people and make a real impact. We are so proud of our team and the work they do.

Just the beginning

Aftershock Media Group continues recruiting amazing and talented content creators and staff. We are expanding into multiple content genres and working with several game developers to build our gaming communities through social marketing, content creation, event production, and creator programs. We’re incredibly excited to continue creating original events in which creators, fans, and esports players consistently love participating.

AMG has come so far in such a short time, and we owe it all to our fantastic team and the incredible talent we represent. Thanks to their shared vision and complementary skills, Lance and Tim have been able to build AMG into a successful business. Here’s to many more years of success!